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Cool World is an action-oriented Super NES video game that is loosely based on the movie Cool World. Cartoonist Jack Deebs (the player's character) has discovered Cool World; eliminating the fine line between fantasy and reality. Holli Would has a major crush on Jack and is using him romantically to get a human body and move to the "Real World." Jack's only goal is to escape this alternative reality and return to the real world. By doing so, he returns to his beloved hometown of Las Vegas. If Holly grabs the Golden Spike of Power, then both worlds will be destroyed.

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ReleasedFeb 01, 1993
DeveloperOcean Software
PublisherOcean Software

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The hit movie that combined live action with animation makes its way to the SNES in COOL WORLD. Cartoonist Jack Deebs has crossed the fine line between fantasy and reality, finding himself in the world of the Doodles Cool World. As Jack, you've got to try to escape this alternate dimension and get back to reality. The only problem is that a beautiful cartoon chick named Holli Would has expressed interest in you, and she's hard to resist. Okay, that's not the only problem. Holli wants to find herself a real body and transport herself into the real world. Her only way out is to grab the Golden Spike of Power the one thing keeping Cool World separated from the real world! If she's able to steal the Spike, both worlds are in jeopardy of being obliterated. You'll have to travel through all kinds of wacky Cool World high jinks on your way to stopping Holli let's just hope you're not too late!

Based on the hit movie; all your favorite characters from the film; cool graphics that pull you right into the action; seven challenging levels

Controls: Gamepad

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