How are these rarity lists created?

These rarity guides are created using actual sale prices and listing information across the internet. Each group of games (or console) are weighed against each other by how often they are listed for sale, their sale price, how often they go unsold, and more. These statistics are then saved and used to determine trends, rarity, and how collectable an item really is.

What is the best way to use the guide?

Try sorting by the Popularity or Average Price columns. This will give you an idea of the most valuable games on that system. Popularity helps to determine how difficult it will be to get a particular game. More popular games go unsold less often and for a higher price.

What does "--" mean in rarity or popularity columns?

That means that item has no data currently. If a game hasn't been listed for sale where we can find it, we don't actually know if it is rare or not. If the item has been listed, but not purchased, we don't know what the going price is and the average purchase price will be listed as "$0". The longer the rarity list parses the internet, the more accurate it becomes, and less games are listed with "--" stats.

I found a common game listed as rare (or a rare game listed as common)?

There are a few possibilities for that situation. One is the game actually is rare and other rarity lists are out of date or incorrect. Or there are alternate spellings for the game title and rarity algorithm is only finding one. In the case where a rare game is listed as common, it might be that sellers are deliberately padding their listings with the game title, or the game title is used for many different listings (like movies, posters, and others.) We attempt to filter items not related to the actual game, but sometimes sellers are trying to catch the interest of buyers of the game and that will catch our rarity spider too.

You are missing a game!

Let us know the system and game title and we'll add it ASAP!

Will you add [my favorite system here]?


I found an error in your guide!

Very possible! Sometimes Japanese titles have different spellings or a game finds unrelated items for sale. Please contact us with the system and game title and we'll fix it right away.