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Part of the NBA Jam series of basketball games, College Slam allows you to choose from over 40 real college teams and take part in head-to-head games, tournament games, and season-long play. The gameplay is arcade-style two-on-two fast action featuring backboard shattering wild dunks, power-ups and other crazy moves. The game also features fight songs from all the available teams.

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ReleasedJan 31, 1996
DeveloperAcclaim Entertainment
PublisherIguana Entertainment

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In the spirit of NBA Jam comes College Slam, where you can choose from over forty of the top college teams and play head-to-head, semi-finals, tournament or even a twenty-team season mode. Enjoy fight songs, cheerleaders and the ability to edit the names and stats of five players on your team. Make no mistake, this is two-on-two arcade hoops action, with emphasis on action! Grab numerous power-ups, find hidden players, enter secret codes, or make substitutions for injured players. Be prepared for some outrageous dunks that can shatter backboards and crazy moves such as the whirlwind. Score three baskets in a row and you'll be "on fire." It's Phi Kappa Slamma all the way, baby!

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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