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Casper the Friendly Ghost's 3 uncles have turned Dr. Harvey into a blob of ectoplasm. Now it's up to Casper and Dr. Harvey's daughter, Kat, to find a way to rescue Dr. Harvey. To accomplish this task, they must find seven Cellular integrator capsules located throughout the Whipstaff Manor. Once found, the capsules can be used in the Lazarus Machine. This machine has the power to cure Dr. Harvey from his predicament. Players take control of a floating Casper, who is followed by Kat throughout the Manor. Gameplay consists of Casper picking up items that he will be able to morph into, enabling him to fight off various enemies and to also assist Kat in getting through the mansion unscathed. Examples of some of the items Casper can turn into are a butterfly net, a pillow, and a plunger. Casper also has the ability to turn invincible as a defensive maneuver. Casper can leave the screen that Kat is on, but if he strays too far away from her, she will be abducted by a ghost.

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ReleasedDec 01, 1996
PublisherAbsolute Entertainment

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Casper the Friendly Ghost, hauntingly familiar television star and film idol to millions of specters nationwide, gets the 16-bit treatment with Casper for the Super NES. Once again the short, round-headed ghost is being traumatized by his despicable uncles: Stretch, Fatso and Stinkie.

The obnoxious apparitions have turned Kat's dad, Dr. Harvey, into a blob of ectoplasm. Casper and friend Kat must rescue the kindly doctor and return him to human form. You control Casper throughout the game and must keep yourself and Kat from harm.

You begin the game in the attic of Whipstaff Manor. From here you must make your way through the haunted house's numerous rooms and secret passageways down to the basement. Once you reach your destination, you will face Carrigan, an amorphous, eye beam-shooting glob of gunk that stands between you and the Lazarus Machine. This machine, when fed seven capsules of Cellular integrator, has the power to cure Dr. Harvey. You will find the capsules at certain locations within the mansion.

As expected, Casper's uncles intend to keep him from saving Kat's daddy. They appear in different places throughout the game, using their weapons on our friendly but fearless hero. Stretch slings an umbrella, Fatso bounces his fat body, and Stinkie lets loose with deadly burps. Also, the troublesome trio throws everything that is not nailed down, keeping Whipstaff Manor alive with flying chandeliers, torches, zebra heads, bowling balls and other objects.

Luckily, Casper is quite resourceful in dealing with his ugly uncles and the treacherous house as he can morph into and use as defensive tools numerous household objects. For example: a spatula wards of fruit flies; a wine jug fires projectile corks at Uncle Fatso; and a butterfly net catches books and dishes. Casper can even morph into a sword-wielding pirate!

Certain items can help Casper and Kat progress through tricky parts of the game. You can use a pillow as a feather landing, a balloon to rise above the action, a lightening bolt to zap through wiring to other rooms, a skeleton key to unlock doors and a rope to swing across broken floorboards. Other objects, such as baseball caps, carousels and 1-ups, give you health and extra lives. Grabbing a toy train gives you points.

You've seen the Casper cartoons and watched the feature film. Now play game!

  • Guide Casper on a quest to save Dr. Harvey

  • Navigate rooms and secret passageways in a haunted mansion

  • Use pillows, balloons, and lightning bolts to help explore

  • Grab baseball caps and carousels to increase your health

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

    ro HAUDT suptR ntS!
    It's a ghost• right on your Super NES
    bringing you all the thrills. chills and eyeball,
    rolling adventures of the hit movie. Casper.
    Incredible 3-D graphics will keep you Screamitul
    from the attic to the basement of Whipstaff
    Manor. Watch out Slinkie, and Fatso-
    Caspers demented uncles want you to get lost—
    literallr in over 100 rooms. They've turned fiat's
    dad. the ghost psychiatrist. into a shapeless
    mass of ectoplasm. Only the Lazarus
    machine can Save him. rind it.
    Fuel it. Save the day. Casper.
    Its spook•tacular/
    Distribut«i by SVG Distribution
    8411 S. Blvd.
    CA 90301

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