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Which will burst first: your concentration or the level you're working on? It takes more than just swinging the bubble-turret and taking aim on the falling ceiling; tactical planning and mental dexterity are the only way to string together three or more bubbles and 100 wins to make it through all the bubble and ego-bursting rounds of Bust-a-Move!

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ReleasedMar 01, 1995

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Join the game as Bub and Bob and Bust-A-Move by popping bubbles in rows of three or more, to empty a screen of sparkling and colorful balls. One and two player options mean versus games and head-to-head battles become contests of both skill and brilliance. Let too many bubbles build up in the gaming screen, and the contest is over. Challenge a game record, or start with a single player game that allows players to work their way up across dozens of gaming boards. Add a layer of bubbles to the ceiling without clearing a single color, and the ceiling begins to drop, adding pressure to the play.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

Box Description

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