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The Golden Brett returns to the SNES in the improved and updated BRETT HULL HOCKEY ’95. The second game in this series also features a full NHLPA license, so you’re sure to find your favorite players ready to hit the ice. Use every little trick in the book to get the job done: one-timers, fake shots, drop passes, and even dekes. There are several gameplay options to satisfy any hockey fan: Full Season, Half Season, Playoffs, All-Star Game, and Exhibition. You make all the decisions in the course of a game, whether it’s shuffling your lines, pulling the goalie, or calling the offensive strategy. Choose wisely, because each option could mean the difference between glorious victory and bitter defeat. And with the stellar play-by-play of Al Michaels, you’ll forget that you’re not just watching a game on TV, you’re playing one!

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ReleasedJan 11, 1994
PublisherRadical Entertainment

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Fully authorized by the NHLPA, Brett Hull Hockey for the Super Nintendo features more than 600 NHL stars (each ranked according to various attributes), including, of course, superstar right-winger Brett Hull. You can play against the computer in an 84-game season, a half season, an 11-game short season , an exhibition match, a 7-game playoff for the championship, or a winner-take-all shootout. A friend can join in on the action for shootouts and exhibition matches. Three-time national Sportscaster of the Year Al Michaels is on hand to provide play-by-play commentary. There are 26 teams represented by city names (lack of NHL involvement means no team names or logos) and two all-star teams. Options and features familiar to hockey fans include icing, face offs, wrist shots, slap shots, offsides, checking, penalties, and fighting. At the end of each hockey match, Brett Hull comments on both teams' performance.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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