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You will have an adventure in an unknown world as a caped hero who slings his own boogers to vanquish his foes. The hero of the game is a booger-tossing, noisily burping, fart-spewing man named Snotty Ragsdale. While he lives his normal life as an eccentric millionaire, his natural "in-stinks" come in handy when he dons the mask of the smelly hero Boogerman.

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ReleasedSep 15, 1995
DeveloperInterplay Entertainment
PublisherInterplay Entertainment

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Ready or not, the world has a new hero. Using nothing but his uniquely powerful natural gasses and thick mucous, Boogerman embarks on a disgusting quest to save the world from the Booger Meister and his gang of filthy mutants. Progress through twenty levels in the following six "scenic" locations: Flatulent Swamps, The Pits, Sewer City, Boogerville, The Pus Palace and Mucous Mountain. Each world may also contain a boss character who must be defeated in order to progress, including HickBoy, Revolta, Deodor Ant and Flyboy. As you make your way toward the final confrontation with the evil Booger Meister, use moves such as the Super Fart, Super Burp, Loogie or Flick to defeat all who dare stand in your way. If you're successful, the world will be saved -- just don't be surprised if no one wants to shake your hand...

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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