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The player is set in control of The Garland TFF-01, a sub-standard space fighter ship that is only armed with a semi-auto or rapid fire laser gun known as the Beam Vulcan and the Tranquilander. Some enemy units can be captured and used in play; certain enemy robots, when shot by the player's Tranquilander, will morph into an outline of themselves. The player can then fly into the outline, and take on the form of the enemy robot, taking control of its weapons, agilities and special attacks.

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ReleasedOct 27, 1992

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Once upon a time, Earth launched a united space force far beyond the outer reaches of the solar system. Using Bio-Cyborg machines, this Imperial Earth Army soon formed an oppressive dictatorship. Appalled by the injustices being done in the name of law and order, a group of freedom fighters rebelled and developed a method of capturing and controlling the Bio-Cyborgs, setting off a space battle the likes of which the universe had never seen before.

At the helm of a Garland spaceship, you fly and shoot your way through five stages to free Earth from oppression and tyranny with no power-ups for upgrading your ship or its basic Beam Vulcan weapon. However, your ship is equipped with a Tranquilander, which you can use to stun and take over Bio-Cyborgs. Once in control of a Bio-Cyborg, you can use its weapons. The Baron has a Sonic Gun and Diffusing Bomb. The Neptune is equipped with a Wide Laser and a Hyper Bomb. The Odyssey comes with a Funnel shot. The Mars has a Mega Cannon and an Atomic Shield. The Titan sports a Slice Laser and Homing Missiles. The Hyper D uses a Beam Gun and a Vertical Shield, and the Shadow Blade has a Twin Cannon and a Dimension Field. You can only control one Bio-Cyborg at a time.

Each of the five stages in Blazeon is teeming with Bio-Cyborgs for you to shoot or take over, and each stage has a middle and final boss. Like most shooting games of this type, the action moves from left to right.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick