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The game features 24 college football teams from the 1993 season and 24 of the all-time college teams since 1978. Play modes include exhibition, playoffs and all-time playoffs and the SNES version also has an eleven week season mode.with the National Championship as the ultimate goal. The playbook consists of 56 offensive plays and 52 defensive plays. On offense, running backs can dive, spin and hurdle. Also, passing is dealt with by having the receivers in their own windowed boxes . When on defense, defenders can dive at the ball carrier, and raise hands to block kicks or intercept passes. The game also features four weather conditions (fair, windy, rain and snow), and three different quarter lengths (20, 40 and 60 minutes).

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ReleasedJun 01, 1993
DeveloperVisual Concepts
PublisherEA Sports

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Ever wondered how today's college football teams would have done if they faced some of the greatest college teams of all time? In Bill Walsh College Football for the Super Nintendo, you can find out. Among the twenty-four great teams are Alabama '78, Pittsburgh '80, Nebraska '83, and Colorado '90. You'll also get twenty-four of the top teams from 1993, for forty-eight of the best, spanning three decades since the 1970s. Choose your team and embark on an eleven game season, with playoffs and a national championship with sixty-eight college plays, including the triple option, wishbone, student body, and more at your disposal, as well as Walsh's scouting reports for each team. Choose from automatic or manual pass catch modes, audibles, or the play call "bluff mode" to hide plays from the opposition. If someone misses that great catch, a 360-degree instant replay feature lets everybody see it again. Up to five players can play using Hudson Soft's Super Multitap adapter.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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