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The players can pick from 40 fictional drivers and 24 teams to play with. The game is always shown in split-screen mode, even when the player is playing on his own, in this case the opponent directly behind or ahead of the player is shown in the other window. Car settings can be adjusted in the garage. Pit stops can be used to repair the car during a race. Crashing the car can also force the player to retire from the race early.

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ReleasedApr 20, 1993
DeveloperHudson Soft
PublisherHudson Soft

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Unlike most games of the era, Battle Grand Prix (an F-1 racer with a number of realistic options) sports an old-school overhead viewpoint, which, in this particular case, makes it difficult to see oncoming obstacles. The playfield is split-screen, even in one-player mode, exacerbating the problem by shrinking the field of view. Arrows flashing indicate the direction of curves up ahead, and this helps somewhat. In this game players can select from more than 40 different drivers, 24 different racing teams, and three modes of Grand Prix circuits. Cars can be customized in terms of suspension, brakes, and engine, and it is necessary to make pit stops from time to time. Overall, the game has decent graphics and sounds and a good dose of realism, but the viewpoint doesn't do players any favors.

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