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A land known as Virg was under the command of a powerful king. Every king was selected at the "Tournament of Champions". A demon from Hell, was hell-bent on world domination, so he sent five phantoms to possess every combatant in the tournament. The demon turned the contenders into enemies where they would have them battle one on one (kind of like Battle Royale).

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ReleasedOct 19, 1993
DeveloperAmerican Sammy
PublisherAmerican Sammy

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Composed of a one-player mode called The Hero and a one- or two-player contest called The Battle, Battle Blaze is a one-on-one fighting game in which you can portray up to six different characters. Along with a standard move or two, each character comes equipped with four to six advanced attacks based on his or her abilities and weapon of choice. For example: Tesya, a beautiful, boot-wearing warrior, can inflict damage on an opponent with her Kiss of Doom and a swift Boot to the Head; Lang, a sword-wielding athletic nomad is capable of a Kneeling Stab and a Whirlwind Kick; and Lord Gustoff, a strong, mace-wielding Half-Orc, can perform a Lunge Throw and can let loose a hypnotizing Flying Mace. Set in a preindustrial society called the Great World, the storyline involves the community of Virg and a menacing netherworlder by the name of Autarch. He has upset the tranquility of this peaceful berg by sending forth spirits to possess the warriors. These warriors are competing in a fully authorized tournament for the chance to be the one and only Warrior King.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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