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In this game you play as a young boy named Rooks. He's the only one that can save the world from the evil Galneon. With the power of the cards he begins his adventure. All of the people you fight with and against are displayed on cards. They can have an elemental attribute or not. Rooks is able to summon an elemental to aid him. He can only summon one type at a time, and he must find them before being able to summon them.

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ReleasedMay 05, 1992
DeveloperHAL Laboratory
PublisherHAL Laboratory

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Arcana IL, fl. neut. ci arcana' secret, fl. arc-ere to enclose,
defend]. 1. Mysterious knGvledge known only to initiates. 2. Ancient
rites and spiritual powers understood b,' only a few. 3. The secrets
held by the Cad Masters—nmv fast disappearin%
The art the Card Masters has gradually died out. None oi the
pong people want to learn die ancient system oi caging spells and
calling up spirits using the cards.
But an evil conspiracy has taken hold Of the kingdom. Rooks,
descended from the last oi the true Card Masters, is recruitai to
o.erthrow the sinister regime, Relying on what little he knows of the
ancient art, learning along the way, trusting no me, Rocks sets out on
a journey to rötore order and sa\e his homeland. Only a Card Master
can do it.
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