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4 PAK All Action for the Master System, published in small quantities in Australia by HES in 1995. This 8 megabit multi-game cartridges contains 4 original Korean games developed for the Master System by Open. Some of them were previously known, but the versions in 4 PAK All Action were localized for an English-speaking audience and bear different names. Titles Include: Adventure Kid: A clear unlicensed clone of later Adventure Island games (iterations of Wonder Boy) using a legacy SG-1000 video mode (not smooth scrolling alas, but the game plays relatively well). Power Block: Previously known as Suho Jeonsa (수호전사), this is its English localization. Twin Mouse: An original platformer. Cave Dude: Previously known as Toto World 3 (토토 월드3), also an English localization of the game. Note: Only supported on a few emulators so far (MEKA and MESS).

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ReleasedJan 01, 1995
DeveloperOpen Corp.

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