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Wars and pollution have driven the Earth to chaos. The year is 2096. The remaining colonists' only dream is to leave the planet and establish on Extrevius 328, a corporate conglomerate manufacturing plant for deadly warriors, known as Bionoids. You are Joseph B. Tenka, future Bionoid, very unpleased with the situation, and determined to stop the corporate evil plans. Over 20 missions with detailed briefings can be found in this Doom clone with creepy atmosphere which has been compared to Aliens.

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ReleasedMay 31, 1997
DeveloperPsygnosis Limited
PublisherPsygnosis Limited

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Codename: Tenka is an original first-person shooter developed for PlayStation and PC. In a futuristic setting, players take the well-armed role of the title character, who battles against the forces of a genetic engineering organization gone wrong. Enemies are varied, some deadly powerful, others agile, and difficult to hit. The game is completely 3D-rendered, and it is possible to aim up and down as well as left and right. Large, complex levels pose labyrinthine challenges, as well as the powerful bosses that wait secured in their deepest chambers. The game is set apart from contemporary first-person shooters by a crouch ability, which allows the lead character to crawl through ducts and other short spaces. The character can also run, strafe, and jump, for full-motion 3D shooter play.

  • Upgrade your gun with mods found throughout each level

  • Navigate Tenka through a variety of environments to stop the genetic experiments

  • Use laser sighting to find your enemy and take him out in the light or in the dark

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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