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CIRCUIT BREAKERS is new kind of racing game. Rather than racing on road courses, the tracks are more like roller coaster rides, with hairpin turns and drastic drops. And, like a roller coaster, there are no walls to keep you on the track. So, missing a turn will throw you into the abyss and cost you valuable time. Your ability to stay on course is tested in three play modes: World Series, Battle, and Time Trial. In World Series, try to beat seven opponents in 16 different races. Battle mode allows you to challenge three friends to a race. If you find the track too crowded, tackle the Time Trial mode and create new world records for each track. In all modes, the courses are littered with power ups including rocket boosters, shrinkers, and oil slicks that give the player a competitive edge. If you're tired of the same old racing games, give CIRCUIT BREAKERS a try.

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ReleasedJan 09, 1998
DeveloperSupersonic Software

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Circuit Breakers from Mindscape Entertainment is a racing game in which you compete on roller coaster tracks. This is a new type of racing game; one with tons of hairpin turns, long drops and lots of power-ups scattered throughout the courses.

Circuit Breakers has a number of different cars but they are all essentially the same. As the instruction manual says, " wouldn't be fair if someone had a faster car than everyone else." When the game begins, you choose one of the four car models and a track. There are various track types for you to race on, from Tarmac Racing where there is track and road, to Underwater Sub Racing, which is pretty self-explanatory.

You are also given the opportunity to select a race mode. You can choose from World Series, Battle, and Time Trial. The World Series mode allows you to race on 16 different circuits against seven other racers. Starting from the beginning, you are given four tracks to race on. When you win one race you get to race in the track above it. Once you finish first in all four races, you win the circuit. You then have to do the same thing for each of the other three levels of tracks. Tracks increase in difficulty as you go through them.

The Battle mode allows you to face up to three different human opponents to find out who the real champ is. The Time Trial mode allows you to race on a circuit to try and get a new record time. Multi-Player mode is available here too, so each participant can take a turn. Time Trial also has a ghost car so that you can see what the optimal line is. Following this line would give you the best time possible.

Another feature in Circuit Breakers is its the power-ups. These include tons of different little bonuses. There is a rocket booster, a shrinker, an oil slick, and many more. Power-ups can be found throughout the different tracks. The game also supports the Dual Shock controller and requires one to two blocks on a memory card for saving. The four-player mode requires the use of a Multi Tap device.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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