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PSX - Chrono Trigger Box Art Front

Chrono Trigger is a Japanese-style role-playing game in which the player takes control of a party consisting of up to seven characters, developing the combat skills of its members and managing their equipment. There are no random encounters in the game: all the enemies are either visibly walking on the field maps and can be avoided by the player, or are waiting to ambush the party. No enemy encounters occur when the player navigates characters over the world map.

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ReleasedNov 11, 1999

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eBayChrono Trigger PS1 VGA 85+ ARCHIVAL CASE $3500 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.
eBayPS1 Final Fantasy 7 8 9 Origins Chronicles Anthology Tactics Chrono Trigger Lot $299.99 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.
eBayGrandia (Sony PlayStation 1, 1999) PS1 Chrono Trigger UNPLAYED NEW COMPLETE MINT $189.95 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.
eBayFinal Fantasy PS1 JRPG Lot CIB 4 games including FF1,2,4,6,9,Chrono Trigger $150 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.
eBayChrono Cross (SONY PlayStation 1, 2000) Trigger PSOne PS1 2 3 COMPLETE NEW MINT $109.95 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.
eBayPS1 Chrono Trigger Square Japan ab $96.17 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.
eBayFinal Fantasy Anthology Chronicles Chrono Trigger NEW Sealed PS1 Bundle $79.95 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.
eBayUsed Chrono Cross PlayStation 1 PS1 & Final Fantasy Chronicles - Trigger NEW $77.51 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.
eBayPS1 Chrono Trigger With Belt Japan z1 $53.38 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.
eBayChrono Cross (SONY PlayStation 1, 2000) Trigger PSOne PS1 BRAND NEW Squaresoft $49.99 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.
eBayFinal Fantasy Chronicles Factory Sealed PS1 PSX II Chrono Trigger SNES $49.99 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.
eBayChrono Trigger PS1 PlayStation PS 1 Japan import $42.6 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.
eBayChrono Trigger PS1 Playstation 1 Japan Import N.Mint/Good US SELLER $42.02 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.
eBayChrono Trigger PS1 Playstation 1 Japan Import N.Mint/Mint US SELLER $39 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.
eBayUSA SELLER - CHRONO TRIGGER Japan Import Sony Playstation 1 PS1 $29.99 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.
eBayPlayStation PS 1 PS1 Game Japan Import Sold Individually Updated 3/14/23 #2 $28.99 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.
eBayChrono Trigger SONY PS1 PlayStation PS 1 Japan Import US Seller P112 $27.99 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.
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eBayFinal Fantasy Chronicles: Chrono Trigger Disc ONLY (Playstation 1, PS1) Read $19.8 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.
eBayFinal Fantasy Chronicles: Chrono Trigger DISC ONLY (PlayStation 1 2001) PS1 $18.55 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.
eBaySony PlayStation 1 PS1 Disc Only Tested Final Fantasy Chronicles: Chrono Trigger $11.39 .PSX.' | '.Chrono Trigger.

Additional Information

Prepare for hours of exciting and nostalgic game play with Final Fantasy Chronicles. Featuring two PlayStation original games bundled in one, this is a great way to reacquaint yourself with both Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV. Whether you are discovering or rediscovering these classics, you'll appreciate each game's thrilling new features that include never before seen enemies and cinematic sequences. Fans of Chrono Trigger will appreciate its new beginning, ending, and exciting new Art Gallery, Theater, and other modes. With Final Fantasy IV, gamers are also in for a few surprises, including Active Time Battle, and the ability to join other players in combat with the added two-player mode.

  • Features two of Squaresoft's best loved RPG titles: Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger

  • Added extras such as FMV and animated cutscenes have been included for each title

  • Unlock hidden extras such as ending cinemas, music tracks, character listings and more

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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