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This PlayStation adaptation of the classic board game allows two-player play or single player matches against ten different computer opponents. It also provides narrated video clips describing the history and rules of the game.

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ReleasedNov 29, 2001

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THE CHESS MASTER Brand NEW PS1 Playstation For JP System 4383 p1 Brand New $47 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Sony PS1 PLAYSTATION - Simple 1500 Series Vol. 9: the Chess - Japan + Spine Card Brand New $44.86 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess (Sony Playstation 1) PS1 BRAND NEW SEALED! Brand New $43.64 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
THE CHESS Simple Series Vol 9 Brand NEW PS1 Playstation For JP System 177 p1 Brand New $32 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Check Mate Game Chess sony PS1 PLAYSTATION 1 Pal Complete VF Good $30.15 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess • Sony PlayStation System/Console by Agetec Tommo • PSX PS1 *LNIB* Like New $29.95 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess Playstation PS1 Video Game New Sealed Brand New $28.98 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Sony PlayStation PS1 Chess & Reversi Obi(Spine) TrackingNumber from Japan Very Good $28.49 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess Sony PlayStation 1 PS1 Sealed Brand New Brand New $25 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
ps1 video game lot Rainbow Six,missile Command, Air Combat,and Chess master 2 Very Good $25 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
THE CHESS Simple Series Vol 9 PS1 Playstation Japan Game p1 Good $24 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess Ps1 CIB Cd Rom Has NO Scratches Play The Most Revered Games In History Very Good $21.25 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess AgeTec (Sony PlayStation PS1, 2001) CIB W/Manual & Registration Card Good $18.99 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Checkmate For Japanese Ps1 Import ** USA Seller** Chess Game Very Good $16.99 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess Master II Playstation 1 PS1 w/ Original Case & Manual Black Label! TESTED! Acceptable $14.9 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess - PS1 Playstation 1 Game - Great Used Condition with Manual Good $12.99 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
The Chess PS1 Playstation 1 Japan Import N.Mint/Mint US SELLER Very Good $12.98 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess Playstation Game PS1 Used Complete Very Good $12 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Sony Playstation 1 Chess PS1 Video Game COMPLETE! Tested & Working Very Good $11.95 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Sony Playstation PS1 Chess Black Label Used Tested Works with Booklet Good $11.01 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess (Sony PlayStation 1, PS1, 2001) *COMPLETE* Good $10.08 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess (Sony PlayStation 1 PS1, 2001, A1 Games) Complete Very Good $9.99 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
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Playstation 1 PS1 Chess Complete w/ Manual Clean and Tested Very Good $9.99 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
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Chess (Sony PlayStation 1, 2001) PS1 Good $9.99 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Playstation 1 Game Japan Import Pick & Choose PS1 Video Game Updated 11/22/21 SC Very Good $9.99 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess - PS1 Playstation Game Very Good $9.84 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess - Sony PlayStation 1 PS1 Good $9.77 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess - PS1 Playstation 1 CIB Complete Free Shipping Very Good $8.5 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess (Sony PlayStation 1 PS1, 2001) Complete with Manual Tested and Works CIB Good $8.49 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
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Chess (Sony PlayStation 1, 2001) PS1 Tested and works perfectly! See pictures! Very Good $6.2 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess (Sony Playstation 1 ps1) w/ Manual Good $5.99 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess - Playstation 1 PS1 With Manuel Good Condition. CIB Complete Good $4.99 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess Playstation 1 PS1 Game RESURFACED DISC ONLY Very Good $4.99 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess Sony PlayStation 1 PS1 Disk only- VIDEO GAME Acceptable $4.99 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess - PS1 PlayStation 1 Original game Good $4.9 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess - PS1 Playstation 1 Tested - GREAT CONDITION Good $4.9 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess PS1 Playstation 1 PS One Instruction Manual Only Good $2.99 .PSX.' | '.Chess.
Chess (Sony PlayStation 1, PS1, 2001) TESTED AND WORKS! Acceptable $2.98 .PSX.' | '.Chess.

Additional Information

Agetec's Chess offers fans of the traditional king of strategy board games two gameplay modes, multiple setup options, and detailed tutorials. Play against nine progressively difficult computer opponents or another human, select from four background colors, and customize the settings. Activate voiceovers for piece moves, sound effects, background music (stereo or mono), hints, character effects, a reverse function (turns the board after each move), move displays, or piece names.

Computer opponents range from the Level 1 "I've only played a few times" novice to the Level 9 "Let's play!" serious challenger. The game keeps track of wins, losses, and draws for each computer player and gives the option to play as white or black. The tutorial mode "Rule Section," contains a narrated History of Chess, as well as segments on names and moves of pieces, capturing, checkmate, pawn promotions, castling, and draws. The marble chessboard and pieces are viewed from a 3/4 perspective, and the cursor can be changed to a dagger, a pointing hand, or an arrow.

  • Nine progressively advanced levels of computer opponents

  • Customizable settings include background colors, voiceovers, sound and music, hints and more

  • Tutorial mode with narrated History of Chess

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

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