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The Legacy Comes Alive... The 2D whip-wielding action game Castlevania returns to PlayStation® game console with a classic version never before seen in America. Count Dracula has been resurrected to begin a new reign of terror across the land. As Simon Belmont, descendant of legendary vampire hunters, you enter Dracula's estate to face the Count and his minions - alone. Be prepared for one of the first adventures in the Castlevania series ever! * Use your powerful whip, holy water, throwing axes and other deadly weapons to slay the minions of Dracula * Traverse 24 stages in 8 levels, including the Monastery, the Floating Corridor, and Count Dracula's Tower * Includes Original and Arrange modes with graphic enhancements * Filmed interview with the producer of the Castlevania series

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ReleasedOct 08, 2001

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Castlevania Chronicles BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED PlayStation 1 PS1 Brand New $3000 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.
Castlevania Chronicles PS1 Sony Playstation 1 Brand New $1720 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.
Castlevania Chronicles Sony PlayStation 1, 2001 PS1 NEW RIPS IN PLASTIC SEE PICS Brand New $999.95 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.
Castlevania Chronicles SEALED WATA GRADED 7.0 / A+ (Sony PlayStation 1, PS1) New $799.95 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.
Castlevania PS1 Lot SOTN And Chronicles Black Label Complete Plus Strategy... Like New $450 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.
Castlevania Chronicles - PlayStation 1 (PS1) Game - Brand New (Unopened) Very Good $374.99 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.
Castlevania Chronicles Sony PlayStation 1 2001 PSX PS1 PSONE GEM PRISTINE RARE! Like New $314.98 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.
Castlevania Chronicles PS1 - Black label complete: Case,manual And Game. Good $308.44 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.
Castlevania Chronicles (Sony PlayStation 1, PS1 2001) Good $249.96 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.
Castlevania Chronicles (Sony PlayStation 1 PS1, 2001) Complete w/ Manual Very Good $249.95 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.
Castlevania Chronicles Sony PS1, complete booklet, case, disc - Authentic Good $229.99 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.
Castlevania Chronicles - Complete PlayStation 1 PS1 Game CIB Very Good $213.99 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.
RARE! Castlevania Chronicles (Sony PlayStation 1, 2001) TESTED WORKS! PS1 Acceptable $175 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.
Castlevania Chronicles (Sony PlayStation PS1) Works Great!????Ships??Fast!! Very Good $169.99 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.
PS1 Playstation Castlevania Chronicles Akumajo Dracula with Spine From Japan Good $161 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.
Castlevania Chronicles (PlayStation 1 PS1) Works Great! DISC ONLY Good $144.99 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.
Castlevania Chronicles Akumajo Dracula PS1 w/Spine Card Japanese Working Tested Good $140 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.
Castlevania Chronicles (Sony PlayStation 1) PS1 - Works Great!???? Ships??Fast! Acceptable $129.99 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.
PlayStation 1 PS Castlevania Chronicles Akumajo Dracula JAPAN Action Game PS1 Very Good $128.99 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.
Castlevania Chronicles PS1 Manual only (PlayStation 1, PS1) NO GAME Good $79.64 .PSX.' | '.Castlevania Chronicles.

Additional Information

Whenever Dracula rises from the dead, a Belmont is there, ready to invade the ever-changing castle and send Dracula back to the hell that spawned him. In this Castlevania adventure, the man who started it all once again returns to the stage. Simon Belmont will have to whip his way through the dark halls of the Lord Vampire's castle, taking down his minions and eventually doing battle with Dracula himself.

Castlevania Chronicles is the first opportunity a majority of U.S. gamers have to play one of the few Castlevania games that was never released stateside. Originally titled Dracula X68000, the game was released in Japan on the Sharp X68000 in 1993 and harkens back to the original days of the series on the NES and MSX computer. Simon Belmont will travel through eight levels, and even though several of the levels have different paths, they all lead to one final boss. Simon's quest will take him through the entry hall, into the underground dungeons, and past various ledges, courtyards, and passages that will eventually lead him to Dracula's tower. Along the way he will find hearts to power special weapons that will be familiar to Castlevania players, such as the boomerang, axe and dagger.

In addition to the Original mode, which is simply a straight port of the Sharp X68000 game, Castlevania Chronicles adds an Arranged mode. This version of the game offers some updated music and new graphics handled by Ayami Kojima, who was responsible for the visuals in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Also included is an interview with the game's producer, Koji Igarashi, and an art gallery of Kojima's work, which can be accessed after the game is completed.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

Box Description

Cbe Cegacy Comes Alive...
Cbe 2b tvbip-å'ielöing action game Castleoania
returns to PlayStation@game console Witb a
classic version never before seen in America.
Count Dracula bas been resurrecteö to be in
new reign of terror across t
Ianö. As Simon Belmont,
öescenöant of legenöAt•y
vampire bunters, you enter
Dracula's estate to face the
Count anö bis minions —
alone. Be prepareöfor one
tbc first aö entures in tbc
use your powerful tvbip, boly
water, throwing axes
other öeaöly me»ons to slay
tbc minions of Dracula
Ctaverse 24 Stages in S Cevels,
incluöing the monastery, the
floating Corriöor, Count
Dracula's Comer
Incluöes Original anö
Arrange moöes tvitb
grapbic enhancements
Silmeö interview witb
tbe proöucer of
the Castlevan•
0 83717 17124 9
Animated Blood and Violence
Visit or call
1-800771-3772 for Rating information
1 Block
Konarni of Arnerica. 10 Bridge Parkway, Sue 101. CA 94E_
Konami and •castlevania Chronicles' are trademarks ot KONAMI CORPORATION. 2m1 Konan
Kommi Cornptner Entert*nment Tokyo.
by Sony Canputet Entertainment ug tN c—.
Inos are reqister«f tra&marks 0t Sony Computer a
software Association. Manufactured and printed u SA THIS SOFTWARE S COMPATIBLE

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