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Card Games is a value-priced PlayStation title containing six different card games tied together with a casino interface. Draw Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat and Seven-card Stud are the traditional entries, with the less-familiar Speed and President rounding out the package. Casino mode starts you out with a small amount of chips and the goal of winning enough cash to purchase items at the shop. Merchandise includes new background music, access to higher stakes tables, and most importantly, furnishings for your room. When the game begins, your room is empty, but as you earn money you are able to buy a variety of products such as wallpaper, carpet and TVs. Your winnings and all merchandise purchased are saved on the memory card at the end of each session.

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ReleasedAug 28, 2001
PublisherA1 Games

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PS1 with Ogre Battle, memory card, 2 controllers & 5 rare games!!! Like New $243.85 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Sony PlayStation 1 Console PS1 SYSTEM 4 games 2 Controllers MEM CARD GAMESHARK! Used $169 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Sony PS One PS1 SCPH-101 Complete With Memory Card, 4 Games, Travel Case Used $119.55 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Sony Playstation 1 PS1 SCPH-7001 + 2 controllers,memory card, and games CLEAN Used $100 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
PlayStation 1 Complete With Carrying Case, Memory Card And 24 Games PS1 Used $95 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Ehrgeiz w/Registration Card PS1 Video Games Very Good $75 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Sony PS1 Console with 2 Controllers, 1 MB Memory Card, 9 Games and Chords-TESTED Used $75 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Sony Playstation PS1 Lot Cords Controller Memory Card Games Tested Read Used $74.95 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Sony Playstation/PS1 System Console SCPH-7001 With Memory Card Controller Games Used $63 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Sony PlayStation 1 PS1 Console (SCPH-7501) + 1 Controller+ Memory Card+7 Games! Used $55 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
SONY PlayStation PS1 Console Bundle Controller & 2 Games & Memory Card & Cables Used $54.99 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Sony Playstation 1 Console, Controllers, AV, Power Cable, Memory Card, Games PS1 Used $53.95 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
PlayStation PS1 Console, SCPH-5501 W/ Cables - Controllers - Memory Card - Games Used $52 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Games Movie Card Psx-003 Ps1 Action Replay ( PS1 PlayStation 1 ) Used $51.81 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
128GB Game Memory Card For RG350 RG350M Q80 15000+ English Games,130 PS1 Games New $47.5 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Card Games Sony PlayStation 1 PS1 (2001) Complete w/ Manual & Registration Like New $15.98 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Card Games PS1 (Sony PlayStation 1) Case & Manual, 2001, Agetec New ML132 Brand New $15.12 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Sony Playstation 1 PS1 Lot Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Family Card Games Good $14.99 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Caesar's Palace II & Card Games PS1 Complete Lot Nice Shape Tested Ships Fast! Very Good $11.95 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Card Games - PS1 PlayStation 1 Complete Black Label w/Reg Card VGC Very Good $9.98 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Card Games NEW factory sealed PlayStation PSX PS1 Brand New $9.95 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Family Card Games Fun Pack Sony Playstation 1 PS1 Complete in Box CIB Very Good $8.99 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
FAMILY CARD GAMES FUN PACK (PS1) (PSX) (PLAYSTATION 1) Complete w/ Manual Very Good $8.99 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Card Games Playstation PS1 Video Game New Sealed Brand New $8.63 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Ps1 games list lot you pick more that 200 games to choose save on bundles Acceptable $8.49 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Card Games PS1 (Sony PlayStation 1) Case & Manual, 2001, Agetec Very Good $8 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Family Card Games Fun Pack (Sony PlayStation 1, 2003) - PS1 - Complete Very Good $8 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Family Card Games Fun Pack (Sony PlayStation 1, 2003) - PS1 - Complete Very Good $7.99 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Card Games (PlayStation 1, 2001, PS1) Complete CIB Very Good $7.99 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Family Card Games Fun Pack (Sony PlayStation 1, 2003) - PS1 Very Good $7.95 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Family Card Games Fun Pack (Sony Playstation1 PS1 Complete Tested Works Very Good $7.95 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
PlayStation 1 Card Games (2001, Sony PS1) Black Label - Poker - Baccarat Good $7.49 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Card Games Playstation Game PS1 Used Complete Good $7.19 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Card Games Playstation PS1 agetec Very Good $7.15 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Family Card Games Fun Pack (Sony Playstation PS1) Very Good $6.94 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Card Games PS1 (Sony PlayStation 1) 2001, Agetec AUTHENTIC MANUAL ONLY Good $6.44 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Card Games (Sony PlayStation 1, PS1) Acceptable $6.21 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
FAMILY CARD GAMES PS1 COMPLETE Very Good Very Good $6 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Card Games Disc Only! (Sony Playstation 1, PS1) Rare! Good $5.99 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Family Card Games Fun Pack (Sony PlayStation) PS1 Complete! Very Good $5.99 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Card Games (Playstation 1, PS1 2001) - Complete w/ Manual, Tested, Working Good $5.95 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
Family Card Games Fun Pack (PlayStation PS1) NO TRACKING - DISC ONLY #1845 Acceptable $5.45 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.
PS1 Sony PlayStation Original Instruction Manuals Only Good $3.29 .PSX.' | '.Card Games.

Additional Information

Monster Rancher Battle Card: Episode II is set in the Monster Rancher universe, but instead of raising and battling monsters, players collect cards from around the game world and use them to build decks, taking on opponents in order to snag even more of the precious collectables.

In the game, you must find a complete set of Monster Rancher cards to help you're your friend, who's been spirited away to Monster Paradise with her own complete set. You do this by scouring the countryside, locating hidden cards, buying them, or winning them in competitions against other highly skilled opponents.

The main focus of the game is the card battles themselves. Each deck that you build will be focused around three different monsters, with the rest of the cards modifying the attack or defend power that those monsters possess. The monsters themselves are powered by GUTS points, which can be obtained by discarding items in your hand. Different decks can be constructed, and you can pick and choose what you think will be the best deck for a given battle.

Like other Monster Rancher games, you have the opportunity to use your own CD collections to create items. In this case, CDs create cards. Each CD can only be used once, but it is possible to receive some extremely powerful cards using certain CDs. These cards can be put into your game decks immediately. They can also be used in the two-player mode, where human opponents can take on each other with the decks they have created in the game.

  • Pit three powerful monsters against your opponent's monsters

  • Strategically use "defense" and "attack" cards in battle

  • Win competitions to earn the rank of "Master Class Breeder"

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

    "These guys are serious about their game — are you?"
    wjth n
    nter the casino and step up to six of the most popular card
    games in the world! Players meet some old-time cardsharps
    looking to fleece their next victim. Use all your skills and
    gamesmanship to win at 5-Card Draw Poker, Baccarat, Black
    Jack, *Card Stud Poker and more! Learn new tricks and
    techniques to earn your place at the top gaming tables as well as
    the respect of players from around the world!
    • For all game fans, beginners to masters!
    • Use your winnings to buy luxurious furniture
    and decorations for your personal suite!
    • Go up against a friend in the
    2-PIayer Model
    Distributed Exclusively by
    1 to 2
    0 93992 07240
    "Play Baccarat — the game made famous by
    Hollywood and International Spies!"
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