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Capcom Generations (Capcom Generation in Japan) was a retrospective series of five collections of Capcom's greatest games from their early days. All (except for Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts, made for the SNES) were direct ports of the original arcade games. The series was released for the PlayStation and the Sega Saturn in 1998. Only the first four volumes were released in Europe, with the fifth retitled Street Fighter Collection 2. Only the last volume (Street Fighter Collection 2) was released in North America. This all changed when they were repackaged as Capcom Classics Collection.

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ReleasedSep 03, 1999
PublisherVirgin Interactive

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FM — — — - Per
Si siempre te has
preguntado qué hizo
Capcom antes de crear sus
grandes éxitos de
PlayStation@ como Dino
Crisis y Street Fighter Alpha
3, ésta es tu oportunidad
de tener en 4 CDs Ios 13
mejores juegos cläsicos como Ghouls n' Ghosts,
1942, Commando y Gun Smoke. Disfruta de estas
perfectas conversiones de Ios arcade originales, contempla Ias galerias
de arte y descubre trucos y
secretos especiales.
Ésta es Ia colecciön
completa de juegos
clåsicos de Capcom en
un paquete exclusivo
para el mercado
No te 10 pierdas.
O Capcom Co., Ltd. 1999. All rights reserved. Published by Virgin
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