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Builder's Block is a puzzle game in which you must construct buildings and then eliminate them for points. Although a certain color can only eliminate itself, the object of this game is to match colored blocks together to form buildings. Once you have made a building, you can eliminate it by shooting a block on the corner of it. The larger the building, the more benefits you'll reap when you destroy it! The game can be played three different ways: Puzzle mode, Battle mode, and Arcade mode. In the Puzzle mode, you must travel to one of seven different courses and construct specific size buildings. You must not destroy the buildings in this mode. The object is to build cities for the specific course or region you're in and make the cities grow.

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ReleasedJul 12, 2000

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a Off the Old Bloc
Enter the
world Of
Builder's Block
—the gash and dash
universe! Try your
gaming skill at the ultimate
build and destroy game. Try
one of three hair-raising modes:
Puzzle, Battle or Arcade. Hours of
fun building up your universe, with the
power to destroy it. The bigger the
buildings, the more points you get when it
falls. Say what? It's crazy, but true!
Builder's Block has colossal graphics, lightning fast
game play and wacky sound effects to really put you
inside the action!
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n 32264 5001
Visit wwwx.•srb.orq or call
571-3772 'or Rating information.
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