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The King of Entymion, Leptus, is about to die. Rather than hold elections or keep the tradition of primogeniture, the next king will be chosen with a race. Not just any race, but a race in which the participants ride on giant bugs. Choose from 22 different contestants, each with unique racing styles and weapon, and try to be the first to the finish line on six tracks. If finishing first is a little too tough, make your bug go faster by using your riding crop. But be careful, or your bug will quit running for you. For those looking for a less-than-honest way to win, collect power-ups and weapons scattered throughout the track to blow past your opponents or blast them out of the sky. And don't forget to keep your eyes open for the shortcuts in each track. Do you have the nerve and the skill to win the Great Race? Play BUG RIDERS: The Race of Kings and find out.

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ReleasedNov 04, 1997
PublisherGT Interactive

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The current ruler of Planet Entymion is near death, so the time has come to select a new emperor. The Entymionians don't waste tax dollars or time holding elections; they race for glory. Instead of cars, hovercrafts, or spaceships, they race bugs. Big, flying bugs. Whoever wins the "Great Race" is not only revered as the greatest bug rider throughout the entire planet, but is also crowned Emperor of Entymion.

Bug Riders offers a twist on the racing genre. Choose one of eight insect mounts and race across the six courses making up the "Great Race." Instead of having a normal accelerate button, you must cane your bug to make it move faster. But watch out, you don't want to hurt the little guy. The six tracks are filled with shortcuts and power-up items, such as missiles and bombs, to blast your opponents. Do you have what it takes to defeat the power-hungry bug riders?

  • Fly across six distinct courses on one of eight insect mounts

  • Collect weapon power-ups to use against rival riders

  • Race against a friend on your choice of a horizontal or vertical split-screen display

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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