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PSX - Boxing Box Art Front

Bob, weave and punch your way to victory in this crazy boxing tournament that takes no prisoners. Choose your character and KO your opponents on the way to one of nine titles, three weight divisions, thirteen different characters, hidden special moves, and multiple game modes.

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ReleasedMay 24, 2001

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Mike Tyson Boxing PS1 - PlayStation 1 - WATA 9.4 A++ (RARE HIGH GRADE ????) SEALED Brand New $985 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Mike Tyson Boxing Playstation PS1 Factory Sealed Brand New Graded WATA 9.4 A++ Brand New $825 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Sony PS1 PLAYSTATION - Simple 1500 Series Vol. 32: the Boxing Japan + Spine Card Very Good $42.02 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Promo Ghaleon Boxing Puppet PS1 SEALED New $37.99 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Dynamite Boxing PS1 Game + Manual PlayStation 1 Japan NTSC-J Good $37 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
PS1 Victory Boxing 2 PlayStation PAL #buyfromthebush Good $34.51 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Contender 2 (Sony PlayStation 1, 2000) PS1 - Boxing - Game Disc Only - US Seller Good $29.99 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Boxing Ps1 PlayStation One Disc Case Manual Tested Good $27.92 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
KENSEI: The king of Boxing - PS1 Sony PlayStation 1 NTSC-J JAPAN import Very Good $26 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Nba Showtime Nba On NBC PS1 Basketball Soccer Football Boxing Disc Bundle Good $23.99 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Boxing (Playstation 1) PS1 Complete CIB A1 Games Good $23.99 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Boxing [Black Label] (PlayStation 1, 2001) PS1 - A1 Games - Complete - US Seller Very Good $23.21 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Contender 1 and Contender 2 for PS1 Playstation 1999 2000 Boxing Video Game Set! Acceptable $18.98 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Mike Tyson Boxing Sony PlayStation 1 Game PS1 Complete Good $17.95 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
PlayStation PS1 Mike Tyson Boxing Complete Sports Video Game Good $17.87 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Mike Tyson Boxing Sony PlayStation 1 Game PS1 Complete Good $14.98 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
The Boxing w/spine card Simple 1500 series vol.32 Japan Playstation 1 PS1 VG! Very Good $14.79 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Mike Tyson Boxing (PS1) Complete - Clean, Tested & Fast Shipping Good $13.49 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Kensei The KIng of Boxing PS1 Sony PlayStation NTSC-J US Seller Tested Working Good $13.38 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Contender/Boxing/Billiards - Sony PlayStation 1, 1999 PS1 Game Lot - Discs Only Good $12.95 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Boxing NEW factory sealed PlayStation PSX PS1 Brand New $12.95 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Contender 2 boxing NEW factory sealed PlayStation PSX PS1 Brand New $12.9 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Knockout Kings 2001 (Sony PlayStation 1, PS1 2000) Boxing , COMPLETE! Very Good $12.25 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
PS1 Lot Contender and Contender 2 Complete CIB Boxing Games Good $12 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Mike Tyson Boxing (Sony PlayStation, 2000) Complete, Tested PS1 Good $11.99 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Playstation PS1 Game Mike Tyson Boxing Genuis At Play Codemaster Good $10.99 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Playstation PS1 Game Mike Tyson Boxing Tested Plays Great Complete Very Good $10.5 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Mike Tyson Boxing Playstation Game PS1 Disc Only- Tested & Works Good $9.99 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Mike Tyson Boxing (Sony PlayStation 1, 2000) PS1 Good $9.98 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Boxing PS1 Complete A1 Games - Great Condition, Tested Very Good $9.95 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
The Boxing PS1 Playstation 1 Japan Import Near Mint US SELLER Very Good $9.38 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Contender 2 Sony PlayStation Authentic PS1 CIB Boxing Game Vintage Fighting Fun Good $8.99 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Mike Tyson Boxing Ps1 PlayStation 1 Disc Only Good $8.09 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Playstation - Sony PS1 PSX A-L COMPLETE with case and booklet. PICK and CHOOSE ! Very Good $7.98 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Original Sony Playstation 1 PS1 Contender 2 Boxing Video Game Complete Good $7.15 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Contender Boxing (Sony PlayStation 1 PS1, 1999) DISC ONLY Very Good $6.99 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Knockout Kings (Sony PlayStation 1) PS1 Boxing Game Disc w/Manual TESTED Good $6.95 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Boxing (Sony PlayStation 1, 2000) PS1 Complete Very Good $5.99 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Contender Boxing (Sony PlayStation 1, 1999) PS1 Disc Only - Tested And Working Acceptable $5.97 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Mike Tyson Boxing (Sony PlayStation 1 PS1, 2000) PS1 Game Disc Only Acceptable $5.95 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Contender Boxing (Sony PlayStation, 1999, PS1) Tested & Working - Disc ONLY Acceptable $5.95 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Knockout Kings 2001 (Sony PlayStation 1, 2000) Disc Only PS1 Boxing Game Good $5.25 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Contender (Sony PlayStation 1, 1999) PS1 Boxing Game Complete Good $4.99 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Knockout Kings 2000: Ali . Leonard . Holyfield - PlayStation 1 / PS1 Boxing Game Very Good $4.49 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Knockout Kings 2000 (PlayStation PS1) - DISC ONLY - Muhammad Ali Boxing Good $3.99 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Boxing (Playstation 1 PS1) Game Disc Only, Tested Good $3.83 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Contender (Sony PlayStation 1, 1999) Complete Black Label Tested PS1 Boxing Good $1.99 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.
Sony Playstation 1 PS1 Boxing Agetec AI Games USED TESTED WORKS CIB COMPLETE Acceptable $0.99 .PSX.' | '.Boxing.

Additional Information

Mike Tyson Boxing is a 3D simulation based on one of the best-known fighters of the '80s and '90s. The game offers three main modes of play: "Vs." mode offers fast, arcade-style matches in which the loser walks and the winner stays on to meet the next challenger. "Showcase" mode allows up to eight players and eight CPU boxers to meet for rotating tournament action. In "World" mode, the player starts with a rookie fighter and guides his career fight after fight through the ranks of contenders until he finally faces the champ for the belt. Mike Tyson Boxing features over 90 different boxers and 16 world-class venues. Fighters can interact with the ring environment and blood, sweat, and bruises are graphically depicted on the characters. Scoring is based on the point system used in real boxing and a special score bar helps players keep track of how they are doing in the heat of battle.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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