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BOTTOM OF THE 9TH ‘99 brings all of the action and excitement of professional baseball to the PlayStation. With an MLBPA license, over 700 major league players are included with updated stats, and motion capture technology recreates the nuances of every single player. Get a quick baseball fix by putting your team on the field of 30 stadiums in the Exhibition or Training modes; or discover the pressure being on the mound, up by one run with one out and a man on third, in the Scenario mode. For the most realistic experience, tackle the ups and downs of a season, the playoffs, or a championship series. With the innovative cursor system for batting and pitching, the challenges of hitting a 100 mph fastball are faithfully recreated. The action of BOTTOM OF THE 9TH '99 brings professional baseball to you without having to pay for admission.

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ReleasedAug 28, 1998

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Konami's third installment of their PlayStation baseball series adds several new features to distinguish itself from previous titles. The game now offers 30 different stadiums, new motion-captured animations, a Scenario mode with 20 different game situations to complete, and both the Opening Day rosters and Interleague schedule for 1998.

While Bottom of the 9th '99 does not feature a Major League Baseball license for authentic team names and logos, you do get over 700 MLBPA players with signature styles and ratings based on the 1997 season. A play-by-play announcer will call the action as soon as the first pitch is thrown.

The six game modes include Exhibition, Season (adjustable from 15 to a full 162 games), Scenario, Training, Playoffs and World Championship. Other notable features are one-for-one trades, four difficulty levels, defensive shifts, errors, substitutions, wind, day or night games, and custom starting rosters. Batting still relies on a cursor system to hit, although players can set it to a "locked" position to make tracking the ball easier.

Pitching involves choosing from five possible pitches (depending on the pitcher) and then positioning it somewhere within the strike zone. Bored with the traditional batter's view from behind the plate? You can also choose a view from behind the pitcher or an angled view to the right or left of home plate. Season statistics, team standings, trades and completed scenarios can also be saved to memory card.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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