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BOTTOM OF THE 9TH ‘97 brings all of the action of professional baseball to the PlayStation. With an MLBPA license, over 700 major league players are included with their career stats, and motion capture technology recreates all of their nuances. Put those players on the field in any of 15 stadiums in the Exhibition or Training modes for a quick baseball fix. Or, discover the pressure of being down by three runs and coming to the plate with bases loaded and two outs in the Scenario mode. For a more complete experience, tackle the Season, Playoff, or Championship modes. With the innovative cursor system for batting and pitching, the challenges of hitting a 100 mph fastball are faithfully recreated. All of the action of BOTTOM OF THE 9TH '97 brings professional baseball to your living room, without the need to pay an arm and a leg for beer.

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ReleasedNov 17, 1997

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Bottom of the 9th '97 is the sequel to Konami's first baseball game for the PlayStation, 1996's Bottom of the 9th. New features include more stadiums (there are now 15 in total), multiple camera angles, day and night games, and a Scenario mode that places players in one of twenty game situations (such as coming from behind late in the game or pitching out of a bases-loaded jam).

Returning to the game are 750 MLBPA licensed players, polygonal graphics, and a cursor system for hitting and pitching. For those unfamiliar with this type of system, Bottom of the 9th '97 uses a rectangle which can be positioned anywhere over the plate.

Each batter will have an "X" in the center of the cursor, the size of which depends on the player's hitting ability from the 1996 season. The pitcher will then position a cursor somewhere over the plate as well, and the goal is to align the "X" with the "O" of the incoming pitch. Should the interface prove too difficult, a locked-on mode is available to make hitting easier.

Besides the Scenario mode, players can choose to begin a Season, practice their skills in Training mode, enter the Playoffs or go directly to the Championship. As in the original, the game does not include a Major League Baseball license for real teams and authentic logos, but season statistics can be saved to memory card.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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