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The man with the big bombs is blowing up a completely different type of game in this strange and whimsical racing game. It sure isn't like your typical racer -- Bomberman Fantasy Race has players riding on big loping kangaroos and giant blue rabbitty-dinos as they hop and dash to the finish line with long, bounding gaits. It's a wild race, made even wilder with all the bombs and action of Bomberman. Two can challenge each other to a blast around the track, or run for it on your own in the single-player mode. Buy new bombs and better ride-a-long animals to give the competition something to blow its top over!

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ReleasedMar 31, 1999
DeveloperGraphic Research
PublisherHudson Soft

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Best known for his explosive platforming antics, Bomberman expands his repertoire with a mascot-based racing game entitled Bomberman Fantasy Race. Riding atop rabbit- and kangaroo-like steeds, Bomberman and friends (including the likes of Black Bomberman, Pretty Bomber, Mach Bomber and Mechbomber) scamper around seven different courses with the singular objective of being the first to the finish line. Racers who place in the top three recieve Bomberman coins, which can be put towards the purchase of new tracks, animals, or items. The seven courses encompass all areas of the Bomberman world: Bomber Circuit, Bomber Coaster Lake, Waca Island Beachside, Bakuzan Ski Course, Star Express, Dyna Mountain, and Bomber Castle, many of which are littered with hazards and full of shortcuts.

Weapons (15 in all) can also be employed, in an attempt to gain a leg up on the competition, and include heat-seeking bombs, remote bombs, and speed boosts to name but a few. Several variations of the unconventional steeds are unlockable, offering different attributes in such categories as Speed, Jump and Stamina. Of course, the more talented the animal, the higher its cost. Supplementary modes include a split-screen Versus mode for two players. Upping the ante somewhat is the ability for players to wager their hard-earned coins on the result. Time Attack mode pits players against the clock, but only on those courses unlocked in the main mode of play. Lastly, the Ghost Mode allows players to save and even exchange ghost data with a friend.

  • Compete on seven fantasy courses

  • Earn Bomberman coins to purchase new tracks, animals and items

  • Wager coins with a friend in the two-player split-screen mode

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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