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PSX - BattleSport Box Art Front

This game was believed to be the sport of the future by many developers. You control a tank and try to score more goals than your opponent in a set amount of time. But this is no ordinary sports game; you get weapons and can shoot your opponent to prevent them from scoring. Perhaps we'll never see this sport in real life but at least we've got it in videogame form.

- TheGamesDB

ReleasedJun 30, 1997
DeveloperAcclaim Entertainment

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BattleSport is the action-packed sport of the future. Choose a vehicle and enter an arena to face computer opponents to score the most goals before the clock runs out. Scoring isn't easy. The ball constantly bounces over the arena, retrieved while your opponent bombards you. A variety of weapons is available to shoot your competitor, and anyone that takes a hit while carrying the ball loses possession. Taking too many hits results in a temporary inability to take part in the action while your opponent happily scores goals. Winning matches increases standing in the rankings and the acquisition of cash to purchase a better vehicle and enhanced offensive or defensive items.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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