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Explore the world with Barbie. Travel to Tibet, Egypt, and the African jungle on a mission to find four ancient, jeweled treasures. Run, jump, swing, climb, and dive to avoid obstacles and deadly pitfalls in a race to unlock the secrets of the Mystic Mirror. Travel only with Barbie or bring a friend, as this game supports up to two players.

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ReleasedSep 04, 2001
PublisherUniversal Interactive Studios

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Barbie becomes a globetrotting explorer in this PlayStation release inspired by Tomb Raider. As Mattel's famous doll, players will search for four missing jewels from an ancient mirror. Barbie begins her quest in the African jungle as she avoids elephants, chimpanzees, and mudslides before battling a giant python for a piece of the treasure. Other locales follow a similar format, which consists of three exploration levels before players encounter a guardian for the right to earn one of the coveted jewels.

Barbie can jump, run, walk, pull objects, push objects, and perform a diving roll as she avoids bottomless pits, animals, and solves puzzles on her way to the end of a level. Each area also has a specific number of collectible gems that encourages players to revisit levels to obtain a perfect score. Among the helpful power-ups available on each level include temporary shields, invulnerability, tip toes to walk across quicksand and collapsible floors, magic torches to reveal secret doors, and spring shoes to jump higher.

Other settings include the mountains of Tibet, filled with goats, eagles, and rope bridges, and the Egyptian desert, featuring camels, dust devils, and quicksand. Only by completing all three missions will Barbie be able to unlock the final stage held within a magical tower. A separate two-player game allows friends to alternate turns on any of the available levels, while a VR Mode helps players practice Barbie's moves in a computer simulated course. Three difficulty settings differ in the number of chances Barbie is given to complete her adventure.

  • Barbie's first action-platform game takes her on a treasure hunt through four exotic locales.

  • Learn Barbie's new acrobatic moves in the separate VR Training Level.

  • Guardians to confront include a crocodile, yeti, python, and a mystery creature.

  • Two players can compete against each other on unlocked levels by alternating turns.

  • Eleven different power-ups grant Barbie new skills during her quest.

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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