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Ballistic is a puzzle game in which the player must place 3 patterned balls next to each other in order to clear them. It is somewhat similar to Puyo Puyo in this respect. However Ballistic places the player in the center of the screen shooting the balls outward. In Panic! mode, a constant string of balls appear and the player must keep destroying similar balls to keep the string short and prevent it from snaking around and reaching the middle of the screen. In Checkmate mode, a limited amount of balls are given to the player which they must use to destroy all the balls on the screen. Strategy is used here since the amount of balls destroyed must be maximized.

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ReleasedNov 01, 1999

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Ballistic began life as an arcade game called Time Loop and features elements reminiscent of Bust-A-Move and Battle Balls, though with a decidedly unique style of gameplay. The main goal is to keep balls from reaching the center gate, but instead of aiming at balls that drop from the top of the screen, you shoot at them from a central cannon as they spiral around. The key is to create multiple chain reactions to receive more points.

The object in Panic (one of three modes) is to extend gameplay as long as possible and build the highest score by eliminating more and more balls. Speed picks up as you destroy all the balls on each string, and every ten levels a rocket materializes, which pushes the balls toward the center gate. Destroying the rocket increases speed even more, but bombs can be used to eliminate all balls on the screen of the same color.

Stage mode lets you clear a finite string of balls on a level-to-level basis, but unlike Panic mode, gameplay pauses upon completion of each level. You receive the same bomb power-ups, but twisters deflect your shots, clocks freeze the chain, and hollow balls and chests hold hidden surprises.

Versus mode features split-screen action for two human players using the same string of balls, but with no bombs or power-ups. The difficulty setting can be altered for each player, allowing for equitable gameplay. As one player creates chain reactions, more balls are added to the other player's screen.

  • Three modes of play

  • Three levels of difficulty

  • Supports the Dual Shock controller

  • For one or two players

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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