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Cannons and catapults collide in this strategy/action game. Castles crumble to the ground in magical siege warfare. Protect your kingdom and conquer you opponents in explosive one-on-one action. Only the strong will survive.

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ReleasedDec 01, 2003
PublisherMud Duck Productions

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Defend a castle against attacks while laying siege to the enemy with well-placed projectiles in this PS port of the German PC game. A mix of traditional real-time strategy and action puzzle-solving, the basic concept of Ballerburg may remind some older gamers of the early-'90s classic Rampart. The game's story, told tongue-in-cheek, casts players as generals, in charge of the queen's military and based in her castle. War is waged over long distances, with classic siege weapons and powerful magic.

The queen's two sisters each have their own armies and fortifications, and the battle will not be finished until only one castle is left standing. As the game progresses, castles collect tax revenue. Generals can use these funds to add new armaments, placing them where they'll do the most damage to the enemy, and also build additional defenses and repair damage that has already been done. Players are ranked according to their performances and may even earn a medal if they are especially successful on the battlefield.

  • Collect funds to purchase new armaments and place them in strategic locations

  • Build defenses and repair damage from bombardments

  • Wage war with siege weapons and magic

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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