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Backyard Soccer is the first game in the Backyard Sports Soccer Series. Gameplay is simple. There are 30 kids to pick on a team, and many custom color teams to create. You also get to be in two game types: Single in which you play one small game and Season play, in which you play for a whole a lot of time and features you playing against some unusable custom teams.. This game also includes a practice mode to help you get used to the kicking in the game, and also shows what it is like during a penalty. All rules to soccer including fouls and hat tricks, are included in the game. When picking the kids on your team you will want to read about how good they are - don't just pick a kid cause they look cool.

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ReleasedSep 28, 2001

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Humongous Entertainment's Backyard Soccer for PlayStation is an animated sports title featuring elementary school-aged cartoon athletes (of both genders) who comprise a soccer team. Single players can compete against the computer, but with the PlayStation Multi-Tap up to four players can take the field in combinations of head-to-head, two-on-two, or three-against-one games. From the kid's clubhouse, players choose to play a single game, a mini-league game, or a tournament game, or to practice making and blocking penalty kicks.

Several options are available before beginning any game, including the ability to choose the desired team roster, difficulty setting, and playing field, as well as the controller configuration. Players can handpick each member of their team (or select a random team) and also choose the team's name and uniform colors. Prior to and during gameplay, substitutions can be made and players can choose defensive tactics, strategies, and formations. By accessing the team roster, information displays regarding how each chosen character will respond to different strategies.

Characters can obtain power-ups placed randomly on the field that affect their field goal chances. These include a cannonball that causes a player to shoot the ball so fast that it bursts into flames as it explodes at the back of the goal, a bowling ball that can't be stopped, a twister that turns the ball into a mini-tornado, and an "undergrounder" that causes the ball to tunnel and then resurface on the other side of the goal line. Other options within the game include commentary, action replays, penalty chatter, and referees, all of which can be toggled on or off. Players can also choose between three minute and six minute games. The game records player and team stats during mini league and tournament games.

  • Assemble teams from the roster of 30 Backyard Kids and 13 professional stars

  • Whimsical play-by-play and color commentary from fictional announcers Sunny Day and Earl Grey

  • In-game substitutions, defensive strategies, and formation changes are possible

  • Compete in an abandoned warehouse, a backyard, playground, and more

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

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    Pick your team from 3D Backyard Kids
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    Choose Ipom 22 fields!
    Dive into the action!
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