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PSX - Asuka 120%  Burning Festival Excellent Box Art FrontPSX - Asuka 120%  Burning Festival Excellent Box Art Back

This game was released only in Japan and unlike it's predecessor "Asuka 120% Special - Burning Festival", this one adds adventure elements found in most detective-based video games such as the Famicom Tantei Club series, but in this game, the player must collect as much currency as possible to make high scores by socializing.

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ReleasedMay 09, 1997
PublisherFamily Soft

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Installment in the Asuka 120% series of all-girl fighting games. Featuring 120 minutes of voice-over cut-scenes, on-screen characters authentically based on Ishida's designs, and a full-fledged adventure mode with new visuals. Players can now also get ranked when competing in the single-player battles. Released in Japan only by FamilySoft.

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