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Arcade Party Pak is a PlayStation compilation of six Atari Games, Midway, and Williams (the former and the latter later owned by Midway) arcade titles: 720°, Klax, Rampage, Smash TV, Super Sprint, and Toobin'. All games are presented in their original arcade formats (although Toobin' features a remixed soundtrack), and each game also contains behind-the-scenes videos with the developers of each game.

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ReleasedNov 08, 1999
DeveloperDigital Eclipse

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Get ready to party (like it's 1989?) with Midway's Arcade Party Pak for the PlayStation. There are six retro games featured on this disc including Super Sprint, 720 Degrees, Rampage, Toobin', Klax, and Smash TV, each originally released between 1986 and 1990.

Super Sprint is an overhead view Formula-One racer in which you steer your car around eight different tracks, each of which is visible in its entirety on a single screen. The tracks are littered with obstacles such as oil slicks, water, and tornadoes. Occasionally you can earn a Bonus Wrench that will enable you to upgrade your car with one of three different enhancements: Super Traction, Higher Top Speed, and Turbo Acceleration. You can race against three computer-controlled opponents or invite up to two friends to join in on the action. If three players compete, you will need a Multi Tap adapter.

After you grow weary of the high speeds of auto racing, tone it down a notch with 720 Degrees, a skateboarding game in which you thrash (i.e. shred, skate) your way through four Skate City parks, including Ramp, Downhill, Jump, and Slalom. You'll skate against the clock while avoiding obstacles such as cars, enemy skaters, and bodybuilders.

Once your shins are skinned to the bone and you just can't shred anymore, monkey around a little with Rampage. In this game, you take on the role of one of the following King Kong-sized critters: George the Ape, Lizzie the Lizzard, or Ralph the Wolf. You will eat innocent bystanders, steal money, and climb on and punch holes in buildings until they crumble into shambles. While you undertake your unholy reign of terror, helicopters, tanks, bombs, snipers, and other enemies and obstacles will make your giant-sized life very difficult. If you've got a Multi Tap adapter, you can have a couple of friends join you in simultaneous destruction.

If you want to cool down after destroying all those buildings, shrink down to normal size, assume your human form, grab an inner tube and get ready for a little Toobin'. You'll float down rivers in such exotic locations as the Arctic and the Mars Canals. You'll even be transported back to the age of dinosaurs! Your job in each race (against the computer or another player) is to maneuver your way through flags along the course while avoiding or throwing cans at enemies. If you slow down too much, an alligator will get you!

After all that physical exertion, you'll probably be ready for some mental stimuli. Enter Klax, an action puzzle game in which you catch falling tiles and arrange them into position in a well below your paddle. The paddle can hold up to five tiles at a time and the well fits twenty-five. When you match three tiles of the same color in a row, you score a ÒKlaxÓ and the tiles in question will disappear.

If 1980s gaming is simply not your thing, step into the nineties with Smash TV. This overhead-view shooter (think Robotron: 2084) takes place in a dark future in which a violent game show called Smash TV is the most watched program on television. You must shoot your way through room after room of mutants and other enemies while avoiding mines and shrapnel. If you are successful, cash and valuable prizes are yours for the taking -- you'll win big screen television sets, riding lawnmowers, even pounds of meat! A giant boss waits at the end of each level.

As the manual indicates, some of the games in Arcade Party Pak support the Dual Shock Analog Controller and some are mouse compatible. You can also utilize a memory card for saving game data.

  • Take out the opposition with nine guns and several "psionic" weapons

  • Float down a variety of rivers while avoiding obstacles in Toobin'

  • Use your sweet skateboarding skills to achieve high scores in 720

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick, Mouse

  • Box Description

    SIX akeat>ä
    v. Skate or Die! Perform radical stunts on your skateboard to gain
    points and enter special events! Show off your skills with gravity-defying
    tricks! You could even be the one to pull off the difficult 720!
    The original crunch, punch and munch game takes a bite out of
    America! While you watch out for the Army and other players, terrorize cities
    by bashing buildings, crushing cars and snacking on citizens!
    It's your brain against Klax in this highly addictive puzzle game! Stack
    blocks according to color either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Match tiles
    to get a Klax and eliminate them, but don't let the blocks reach the top!
    Get multiple klaxes to increase your points, if you've got the skill!
    Jump in your Toob and ride down the rapids at gut-
    nching speeds! Face some of the most intense courses ever: Earth's
    rivers, Martian canals, Jurassic swamps and even the River Styx! Keep
    your eyes open and steer clear of obstacles and enemies before they
    damage your Toob.
    You're a contestant in the most violent game show on
    the planet! With futuristic weapons and power-ups, fight against the
    ever-increasing hordes of enemies. Play alone or team up with a
    friend in your bid to survive the constant onslaught.
    Frantic racecar action is the name of the game! It's dog-eat-dog in the race for
    first place. In preparation for the more difficult tracks, use your prize money to upgrade your vehicle
    with better handling, higher speed or faster acceleration!
    Multi Tap Adaptable
    Analog Control
    1 or2
    1 Block
    1-3 Players
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