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Air Hockey (Hooockey!! (SuperLite 1500 Series)) is a budget air hockey game for the PlayStation. There are four characters available to either play as or to face off against. The aim is to have a higher score than your opponent when the timer hits zero, and to make that a little easier there are bonuses strewn across the table. Some are activated upon touch, while others are stored with the player until used. The only two gameplay options are 1 player versus the computer or 2 players versus each other. Strange & futuristic hockey game with cartoon graphics.

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ReleasedSep 10, 2003
PublisherMud Duck

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A solid choice for people who love sports, Air Hockey is exhilarating and lifelike. Delivering innovative ideas and increased fun, this action game is ready to please. Air Hockey is a good option for providing an antidote to boredom and giving you hours of diversion. Pleasure seekers and families are going to be delighted by the quality, value, and features of this video game. This video game helps you to show your expert moves and demonstrate your sportsmanship to feed your competitive streak thanks to its precise and skillful gameplay. This action game enables you to execute your game-winning strategy for hours and hours thanks to its gamepad and joystick-based game controls. Moreover, the rich and vibrant visuals featured on Air Hockey allow you to focus on how the color palette, imagery, and background come together to give an immersive game setting. This video game is a superb companion to your current gaming system, so you can experience it with pleasure as a favored member of your game library.

Controls: Gamepad, Joystick

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