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Adidas Power Soccer kicks its way onto the PlayStation. You are given a wide variety of gameplay options to choose from, such as season and tournament modes, single games, and multiplayer. When going through the season mode, you can play either a shortened season or an official full-length season. Your team, as well as your opponents, are taken from all over Europe and other countries. If you're interested in reaching supreme glory at a quicker pace, there is an option for cup battle. Like it implies, you'll have to beat a certain number of teams in tournament fashion to claim your prize. The game can be played two different ways, arcade or simulation. By choosing the arcade mode, you won't have to worry about soccer physics or penalties whereas the simulation goes by actual soccer rules. If you lay into someone's shin, you'll probably get called for a penalty. Depending on the severity of the penalty, the game will switch to a penalty shot mode, just like real soccer.

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ReleasedAug 31, 1996
DeveloperPsygnosis Limited

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adidaS POWER
Kick off with your favorite team and
take on some of Europe's finest
players! A choice of team strategies,
a wealth of playing options and tons of net-bustingsp#ial
moves guarantee a first-rate soccer experience!
Stunning motion-captured 3D animation for super-smooth player
movements and graphics — motion capture actually done by
rofessional players!
Of in-depth league simulation mode
•pr fast and fu— arcade option.
Play"have tons of special moves
Nowing spectacular skills. shots and
ouls in arcade mode.
Options include friendly matches.
league seasons, league championships/
and Cup tournaments.
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