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3D Baseball is a 3-D polygon baseball game with over 700 actual Major League players and their previous years stats to choose from. There are over 50 real-life batter stances that were motion-captured through the actual players themselves with five different dynamic camera angles to choose. The standard modes apply such as Exhibition and Pennant along with a General Managers Mode where players can trade and even alter the stats of their players to create the ultimate team. It feature realistic animation and the voice talents of Van Earl Wright with over 1,000 different commentary phrases.

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ReleasedOct 31, 1996
DeveloperCrystal Dynamics
PublisherCrystal Dynamics

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3D Baseball is one of the first PlayStation games to use 3D polygonal models and stadiums. Everything from the batter's swing and movements are rendered in 3D in order to capture a realistic essence of baseball.

It comes equipped with a MLBPA (Major League Baseball Players Association) license that allows for real teams and players. There are over 700 actual major league players included with their own statistics and batting stances (50 of which are included). Each team plays in their own stadium rendered after its real-life counterpart.

There are a few gameplay options you can choose from. The season mode is just that -- a full season of baseball. You can play it with an arcade setting or you can be the general manager of your team. Being the general manager means you will have to actually run the team. You'll have to pick line-ups and your pitching rotation, substitute batters and runners, trade players, etc. This also allows you to build your very own dream team featuring your favorite players. You can play a short or extended season or opt to play a quickie arcade game against the computer or friend. The choice is yours.

3D Baseball also features the commentating talent of Van Earl Wright. There are over a thousand comments to be heard ranging from snide insults to player statistics and the announcement of substitutes.

  • Choose from among 700 MLB players

  • Over 50 authentically recreated batting stances

  • Color commentary by Van Earl Wright

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

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    Joe Wirardi tag at home
    John Smoltz delivers some serious
    heat to Bernie Williams
    -6 Memory Card
    2 blocks
    Crystal Dynamics presents the most realistic
    baseball video game ever published. Real Motion
    fontrol 3D "Fhnologg serves up incredibly life-liki Nose Canseco digs in to hammer
    an Andy Pettitte fastball
    3D polygonal models that bat, pitch and hit like
    real plagerå..•
    • 700 actual League Baseball Players and Stats
    • Over 50 of the)eague's top players' batting stances
    • Dig in and facå heat from 5 controllable perspectives
    • General Manag r mode: trade players, modify player
    stats and build the ultimate dream team
    ght up the action with over
    • Van Earl Wri
    1,000 supercharged color comments
    Mark Lemke lags it out to tum the
    double-plag with Jeff Blauser
    ISBN 0-7911-2617-X
    0 24294 12617 8
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