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You and your penniless father have just moved into a rural town famous for an ancient legend. It's been said that a couple who kisses underneath the old tree will be destined to live happily ever after. With your eyes set on a girl living in a nearby set out on your quest. Filled with a new determination, you've sworn to yourself that you'll do whatever it takes to kiss this charming little girl underneath the ancient tree and spend the rest of your life with her.

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ReleasedFeb 14, 2007

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Chulip (Sony PlayStation 2, 2007) new sealed ps2 Brand New $5003.94 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
Brand New Chulip Playstation 2 PS2 Video Game Sealed in Cellophane Wrap Natsume Brand New $399.99 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
chulip ps2. New. Sealed. Brand New $369 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
Chu lip Victor Chulip Sony PlayStation 2 [PS2 Japanese ver] Like New $319.99 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
Chulip (Sony Playstation 2 PS2, 2007) Natsume - Brand New Sealed - US Seller Brand New $255.95 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
Chulip (Sony PlayStation 2 PS2, 2007) COMPLETE CIB Tested & Cleaned W/ Reg. Card Good $250.99 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
Chulip - PS2 Playstation 2 - Very Good - CIB - Tested Very Good $249.99 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
Chulip Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) Game With Manuel & Case, Pre-owned Very Good $249.99 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
Chulip | Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 | Complete CIB w/ Registration | Tested & Works! Good $249.99 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
Chulip (Sony PlayStation 2, 2007) PS2 NEW Complete CIB w/ registration card Brand New $239.99 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
Chulip PS2 Complete w/ Manual EXCELLENT CONDITION (PlayStation 2) Like New $219 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
Chulip PS2 Complete w/ Manual EXCELLENT CONDITION (PlayStation 2) Tested CIB Like New $204.99 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
Chulip (Sony PlayStation 2, 2007) PS2 CIB Complete in Box Very Good $194.99 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
Chulip PS2 CIB COMPLETE Manual + Case Very Good $180 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
PS2 Soft Chulip Model SLPS 20283 VICTOR Very Good $154.19 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
PS2 software Model number CHULIP Chulip Marvelous Interactive Very Good $146.18 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
Sony PlayStation 2 Marvellas Interactive PS2 Soft CHULIP Chu Lip Good #294D Good $131.94 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
PS2 ChuLip Import Japan Playstation 2 ChuLip Acceptable $114 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
Used PS2 ChuLip Good $111.1 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
ub9448 Chulip PS2 Japan Used $81.09 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
[New!] DVD PlayStation 2 Chulip Special Promotion Video Disc Japan import PS2 Brand New $69.99 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
ub9785 Chulip PS2 Japan Used $63.63 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
Chulip Playstation 2 PS2 Replacement COVER ONLY 115gsm Glossy Photo Paper/300dpi Brand New $11 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.
Replacement PlayStation 2 PS2 Titles C-D Covers and Cases. NO GAMES! Brand New $9.99 .PS2.' | '.Chulip.

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Gamers try go from community intruder to small-town Valentino in this social sim from the makers of the Harvest Moon series. Chulip is a game that casts the player as something of a "kissing bandit," who must win over a whole town full of diverse characters through good deeds, kind attention, and -- if the mood is right -- a quick smooch or two. The game's protagonist is a boy who has just moved to town from the big city. The locals are suspicious, and already making judgments about the boy and his father before they even settle into their new home.

Taking the role of the boy, there is one local person of special interest to the player: a particular young girl (of course) who steals his heart at first glance. The boy's ultimate goal in Chulip is to win this girl over, so she'll allow him to give her a kiss, beneath an ancient, magical tree -- an action that all but grantees they'll live happily ever after together, according to local legend. Trying to kiss the girl before she's ready will result in a painful rejection, however, and players lose the game if the poor boy suffers too many turn-downs.

Box Description

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this Long Life TO
• Improyeyo lep ration by helping
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• Use thé strå egy
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1 Players Memory Card (for PS2) - 53 KB Analog Control
Vibration Function Pressure Sensitive
Natsume Inc., 1818 Gilbreth Road, Suite229Æürlingame, CA. 94010
Natsume and SeriousFun are registered trademarkS of Natsume Ent, Chuiip iSä trademark of Marveldus Interattive Inc,/punchline.
02006 Nätsume Inc. 02006 Marveiöus Interactive •tnc. 02002 Påhchiiné All Rights Reserved.
Licensed for play on PlayStation@systemswiththe NTSC IJ/C designation (jnIY:, logo
trademarks of Sony Computer Entehäinment fric. ThétatingSjcon is a trademark OftheEntertainmeritSdftware Association,
Manufactured andprinted jnthe U.s,A. THISSOFTWARE COMPATIBLE WITH
19593 08006 0
Crude Humor
Suggestive Themes
Use of Alcohol
Use of Tobacco

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