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An isolated island-city stands as home to much of what remains of the human race. The ancient technology which annihilated most of the earth has now opened a gateway to a hellish dimension, unleashing a horde of demons upon the city. One warrior, armed with a pair of swords and an arsenal of magic spells, goes to battle the army of demons. This warrior's name is Lau, and thousands will die by his hand.

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ReleasedJul 20, 2004
DeveloperRed Entertainment

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Bujingai is a sci-fi combat adventure set on a distant-future, post-apocalyptic Earth. In a noble but misdirected attempt to solve 23rd century Earth's energy shortage problems, nearly three quarters of the planet's population was instantly destroyed. (Oops.) In the years that followed, Earth's remaining people developed a new means of manipulating their environment and ensuring their continued survival. Through an ability called simply "Skill," gifted individuals found they could channel the energy of their own bodies to perform amazing feats. It did not take long for the use of Skill to evolve into a new style of martial arts.

Now, four centuries after the disaster that pruned the world's population, a new threat to mankind has emerged. On a remote island city in Asia, a rift has opened in the very fabric of time and space itself. Hordes of grotesque demons and unholy monstrosities have begun to enter our world and claim it as their own. Bujingai players take the role of the hero Lau, a master of Skill powers who is equally deadly with his twin swords. Perhaps Earth's last hope, Lau must travel to the remote island and use his agility, his blades, and his magic-like abilities to turn back the incursion of evil.

  • Battle vicious demons through eight challenging stages by combining melee combat with magic spells

  • Stylized fighting based on action scenes from Hong Kong cinema

  • Collect various orbs throughout the game to replenish magic, upgrade our powers, and to unlock extra items

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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