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The gameplay of Bombastic is similar to its predecessor, Devil Dice. Players control a family of small devil called Aqui that runs across a grid full of dice. Players can walk on the grid, pushing dice around, or walk on the dice, rolling them as the character walks. The objective and how dice are cleared vary between modes.

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ReleasedAug 27, 2003

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Additional Information

Bombastic is a puzzle game where players move around a game board and roll explosive dice. Whenever dice connect, they explode, making gameplay a explosive mixture of strategy and suspense -- don't get too close, or because a dice explosion will knock you off the board. Quest mode keeps players traveling from world to world as they attempt to survive attacks from enemy dice. Battle mode is a scramble to roll specific numbers, War mode is a five-player free-for-all, and Classic mode asks players to eliminate dice by matching numbers.

  • Clear the board in a variety of levels alone or with up to four friends

  • Bomb your way through seven modes of play

  • Roll the dice and link them together in like combinations to create large explosions

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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