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A cataclysm has destroyed the cities and empires of men and disfigured the spirit of humanity. In this nightmare, it falls to you to descend a mysterious tower in search of absolution. Battle merciless foes through treacherous dungeons, scour for new items to aid you in your travels, and unlock the secrets of a devastated land. You will find death in the depths, yet learn that death is not the end of the story; in the twisted world of Baroque, it is only the beginning.

- TheGamesDB

ReleasedApr 08, 2008

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eBayPS2 Baroque , UK Pal, New & Factory Sealed $204.95 .PS2.' | '.Baroque.
eBayBaroque (Sony PlayStation 2, 2008) Brand New Factory Sealed PS2 SEALED $163.88 .PS2.' | '.Baroque.
eBayBaroque (Sony PlayStation 2, 2008) Brand New Factory Sealed PS2 $149.99 .PS2.' | '.Baroque.
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eBayBRAND NEW Baroque (PlayStation 2 PS2, 2008) FACTORY SEALED Y-Fold - Authentic US $119.95 .PS2.' | '.Baroque.
eBayBaroque (Sony PlayStation 2, PS2, 2008) PAL English UK CIB *READ DESCRIPTION* $99.99 .PS2.' | '.Baroque.
eBayBaroque (U.S. Version, Sony PlayStation 2, PS2, 2008) $85.95 .PS2.' | '.Baroque.
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Additional Information

A popular series in Japan, Baroque makes its U.S. debut as an action role-playing game with dark, religious overtones. Players will journey into a foreboding tower filled with horrific monsters, mutated humans, and mysterious angels. The world is essentially a distortion of reality that finds everything in a constant state of flux. How this happened is a complete mystery -- as is the lead protagonist's past. The only thing the protagonist knows is that he must venture into the Neuro Tower to atone for a past sin. He can save the world, so he is told, by battling the bizarre creatures lurking within each randomly generated room and reaching the tower's bottom floor. To defeat the monsters, these so-called "meta-beings," players will be able to find and use an assortment of weapons and items. While Baroque's content is the same on PlayStation 2 and Wii, the latter features motion controls, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and progressive scan support.

  • Features randomly generated rooms for a new experience each time through the tower

  • Use swords, rifles, and other weapons to defeat enemies

  • Enhance items by fusing them together

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

    • 'Death is not the end...
    Dark. challenging. and wf10[h' immersiNe. Baroque i
    hardcore dungeon—crawfiny experience. A cataclpnl
    has destroyd the empires of and it faffs to you t. fight
    pur down the (evers of the (Neuro Tower in
    search of absolution. wit( find death •the depths. yt (earn
    that death is not the end of the Ston: in the twisted world of
    Baroque. it is the beginning.
    Unique Ston Progression
    "When character dies, more Secrets
    about the forsaken world arc revealed
    Destruction and salvation ilinge
    on your choices
    (Deep Customization
    Sind and optimi a vast
    assortment OJ wea
    Antmated Blood
    Fantasy Violence
    Mild Language
    Mild Suggestive Themes
    Tobacco Reference
    ESRB CONTENT RATING www.esrb.or
    Vibration Function
    by Ahus U S,A_
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