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Barnyard is an offering from THQ based on the movie of the same name from Nickelodeon. You arrive at the farm as a newbie cow, and must complete quests and earn respect in order to win keys that allow you to advance through the barnyard map. As you play, you need to keep up your stamina, which decreases as you run around the farm. A good sleep is important; you need to be rested to fight off marauding raccoons and coyotes. And do remember not to let the Farmer catch you standing on two feet!

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ReleasedAug 01, 2006
DeveloperBlue Tongue

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Open Box - Authentic - USA - Works 100% - Barnyard Playstation 2 PS2 Like New $104.99 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Barnyard (PS2) -new sealed pal version Brand New $94 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
SONY PlayStation 2 PS2 Barnyard (COMPLETE) Very Good $51.95 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Barnyard (Sony PlayStation 2, 2006 PS2) Complete Tested Good $39.81 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Please Read Nickelodeon Barnyard (Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 2006) Complete Acceptable $33.72 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Barnyard (Sony Playstation 2 Game PS2 2006) Nickelodeon Complete Black Label CIB Very Good $29.94 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Nickelodeon Barnyard Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 2006 Video Game Disc Manual Case Very Good $29 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
TMNT, SpongeBob's Atlantis Squarepantis & Barnyard Playstation 2 Game Lot PS2 Good $28.95 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Barnyard Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 - Disc Only Good $28.31 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Barnyard (Sony PlayStation 2 PS2) Nickelodeon Very Good $26.7 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Barnyard (Sony PlayStation 2, 2006) PS2 NO Manual - CLEANED & TESTED FA2 Good $24.99 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Nickelodeon Barnyard w/manual (PS2; 2006) Good $24.5 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Barnyard (Sony PlayStation 2,PS2, Complete with Manual. Tested/works great Very Good $23.99 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Nickelodeon Barnyard Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 2006 - Complete w/ Manual, Tested A6 Acceptable $23.9 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Barnyard (Sony PlayStation 2, 2006) PS2 Good $20.24 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Playstation 2 PS2 Games w/ Covers Manuals, Complete w/o Cases - You Choose, B2G1 Good $19.99 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Barnyard PS2 Playstation 2 - GAME DISC ONLY - Tested & Working Acceptable $19.9 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Ps2 Barnyard (Sony PlayStation 2, 2006) CIB Complete *Tested* Very Good $19.5 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Barnyard Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 THQ Nickelodeon No Manual NTSC 2006 Acceptable $19.13 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Barnyard (Sony Playstatioin 2, 2006) PS2 Game Disc Only Acceptable $18.99 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Nickelodeon's Barnyard (Sony PlayStation 2, 2006) PS2 -Disc Only -G20 Acceptable $18.9 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Barnyard (Sony Playstation 2, 2006) PS2 Authentic Disc Only Tested & Working Good $17.99 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Barnyard PS2 - Black Label - No Manual - NTSC U/C Very Good $17.55 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
BARNYARD Sony PlayStation 2 Authentic Ps2 CIB Game Vintage Animal FAMILY FUN Very Good $17 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Barnyard PS2 Manual Only NO GAME Sony PlayStation 2 Instruction Booklet Original Acceptable $14.35 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
PS2 PlayStation 2 Nickelodeon Barnyard Video Game DISC ONLY THQ Tested Free Ship Good $12.71 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Nickelodeon Barnyard Sony PS2 Game PlayStation 2 PAL Very good $11.51 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Replacement PlayStation 2 PS2 Titles #-B Covers and Cases. NO GAMES! Brand New $10.25 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Nickelodeon Barnyard PlayStation 2 PS2 MANUAL ONLY Very Good $10 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Barnyard PS2 MANUAL ONLY Authentic Insert Black Label Good $9.99 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.
Barnyard, PS2 Video Game, PAL, READ ITEM DESCRIPTION Acceptable $5.55 .PS2.' | '.Barnyard.

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Moove over chickens, this cow's coming home to the Barnyard. In this game inspired by Nickelodeon's 2006 movie, you take the role of "the new cow on the block," and must form alliances, accept challenges, take part in sporting events, and explore the environment that is The Barnyard. Customize your cow's spots, horns, and more to be a beautiful bovine, or a haggish heifer. Herd your cow through areas such as Walnut Woods, or Dankweed Pond, and experience changing game play and environment as the days pass down on the farm.

  • Customize your cow's horns, spots, and more

  • Explore Walnut Woods, the Barnyard and Dankweed Pond

  • Based on Nickelodeon's Barnyard movie

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

    Provi you*have what it takÖto be the biggest
    Explore all the
    rof barnyard
    on your bike!
    Play 16 action-packed miniqamcs
    including (case The Mailman!
    Interact with your
    favorite characters
    from the movie!
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