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BCV: Battle Construction Vehicles is a fighting game between present-day mechs: construction vehicles. Players choose between 15 drivers and 14 bulldozers, steamrollers, cranes and forklifts, to name a few, and the goal is to defend your father's construction business. The player can fully customize the vehicles parts, attack moves and appearance, which adds to the replay value of the story mode, consisting of 16 interactive stages, aside from the 2-player mode. Most of the attacks consist or ramming other vehicles or utilizing the mechanical parts that do damage upon impact. The story is furthered through anime-like cut-scenes.

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ReleasedJun 01, 2000

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In B.C.V. you must turn some of the toughest construction vehicles on the planet into smouldering piles of scrap metal. Your objective? To save your father’s construction business from certain doom at the hands of a ruthless rival. Use your surroundings and special attacks to bring your opponents to their knees and save the day. Demolish your opponents with 15 playable characters, 14 construction vehicles and 20 special attacks. Additional features include a two-player versus mode, over 30 in-game obstacles, and a 16-stage story mode. Released in Japan and Europe only.

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