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On a peninsula to the south west of the continent Gramnad, there is the Kingdom of Kanalland. Here, there is a small and underpopulated village by the name Karotte Village. The main protagnoist Violet lives there with her family, although her parents are leaving Karotte Village. Violet, however, refuses to leave. After a dream, the game begins with Violet being woken up by her brother Bartholomaus. Bartholomaus tells her that today is the day that their parents will leave. Violet is very confident about her idea to open up a shop in town, even though her father doesn't support her idea. Their parents will return in three years, and see how the siblings are doing. Until then, Violet will need to prove that she can run her own shop.

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ReleasedJun 26, 2003

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eBayatelier violet PS2 limited edition japanese $30 .PS2.' | '.Atelier Violet.

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Second roleplaying game in the Alchemist of Gramnad Atelier series.

Controls: Gamepad

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