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Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm is a traditional Japanese old-fashioned RPG with a classic turn-based battle system and 2D anime style characters. The main feature in Atelier Iris 3 is alchemy, just as in previous games in the series. This means players will able to collect all kind of ingredients throughout their quest and make items with the help of their alchemy skills. Players will take control of three protagonists in Atelier Iris 3: •Edge Vanhite - a 19 year old raider and alchemist, who's job is to explore the Alterworlds. •Iris Fortner - a 16 year old girl who is Edge's childhood friend and still a novice raider. •Nell Ellis - a 15 year old girl, who is an energetic young novice raider from a noble family. The game's graphics is a mix of 2D images/objects and 3D backgrounds with Gust's usual 2D anime characters. The game also has several anime cut-scene including an introduction video. The game's music and sound was made by Ken Nakagawa known from the earlier Atelier games. The battle system is quite similar to the older Atelier games with (a little bit) improved traditional turn-based combat. Some of the news to this third Iris game: An all new alchemy level system. Players can practice alchemy to improve their skills and create new items. The Active Cost Card Battle System which shows your exact order in the battle and brings more strategy to the fights. Using the new Enemy Symbol Encounter System, players can know see their enemies on the map, which helps them to plan. Players can also accept mission from an guild and improving their rating by doing so.

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ReleasedAug 03, 2007

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Japanese developer Gust Incorporated concludes its turn-based role-playing game trilogy with Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm. The storyline follows the adventures of teens Edge Vanhite and Iris Fortner, explorers by trade on behalf of an organization called the Raiders Guild. After accidentally discovering a piece of what appears to be the fabled "Libram of Escalario," which is rumored to grant the wishes of anyone who unites all eight pieces, the duo takes part in a series of quests to find the ancient tome before their rivals.

As with the two previous games in the series, the 2D action is viewed from an isometric perspective as players explore outdoor regions called "alterworlds" for a limited amount of time. Once time is expired, players are returned to the starting town of Zey Meruze to interact with characters, receive new quests, and synthesize or craft items using Iris Fortner's skill in alchemy. Each alterworld can be revisited multiple times after gaining experience and forging new items to help unlock previously inaccessible areas. Combat switches the default perspective to a side view as characters to the left and right alternate turns and decide whether to attack, use a skill, or to consume beneficial items.

  • Explore alterworlds searching for the Libram of Escalario

  • Use Iris' skills in alchemy to synthesize and craft new items

  • Choose to avoid, destroy, or battle enemies using symbol encounters

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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