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The setting for the game is the same as the previous game: the planet of Ar Ciel, albeit centered on a different region this time. The Tower of Ar tonelico from Metafalss is different from the tower in the first game since it doesn't look like a tower initially, but still has some of the same essential facilities (Rinkernator, Plasma Bell (represented as the Lift Generators) and Musical Corridor). The Song Magics are still used like programs, but in this tower there are two Song Magic servers: the Sol Marta server and the Infel Phira Server. The Sol Marta server is located in the upper zone of the tower, acting like a stationary satellite. It is collocated with the S. P. U. and Rinkernator and is the main server for the tower. The Infel Phira server is located in a satellite that orbits the sky around the tower and shares its name with said server. The Sol Marta satellite is a relay station used to increase the range of Song Magic usage of the first tower, so it works with the same kind of hymmnos and executes the EXEC variety of hymns. Plus, it also has the function of receiving energy from the first tower and sending it to the second tower. On the other hand, the Infel Phira server works with another kind of hymmnos called the Pastalia hymmnos, and executes the METHOD variety of hymns.

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ReleasedJan 20, 2009
PublisherNIS America

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NIS America's sci-fi/fantasy RPG Ar Tonelico returns with another dose of its own unique blend of turn-based battles, harmonic magic, and light dating-sim elements in Melody of Metafalica. The Reyvateils, an artificial race whose "Song Magic" can be used for attacks and recovery, have been plagued by an epidemic of the deadly and extremely contagious virus known as Infel Pira Dependency. Gamers step into the world as Croix, a young knight sent to help prevent the disease from spreading.

Players will face numerous challenges as they travel around the world of Ar Ciel, with the eventual goal of uncovering a magic hymn that will create a green utopia to replace the artificial landmass known as Metafalss. As in the original game, Ar Tonelico II lets gamers synthesize hundreds of weapons and items for custom use with the game's eight playable characters. Developer Gust promises four distinct endings and a storyline designed to offer more than 100 hours of gameplay.

  • Help end years of suffering by finding the live-giving Melody of Metafalica

  • Guide Croix and seven other characters through a world of mystery and danger

  • Forge hundreds of unique weapons and items

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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