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This game is based on the animated Adult Swim show Aqua Teen Hunger Force, featuring the crime fighting trio of food items Master Shake, Frylock and Meatwad. Frylock had been admitted into the prestigious and exclusive Jersey Pines golf course... while Shake was rejected (he didn't actually apply, but that doesn't stop him from complaining about it). So, Shake decides to challenge Frylock in a game of golf just to prove that he's just as worthy as Frylock to be playing on that golf course. Who cares that Shake has no clue how to play golf? He's angry. The game plays like a mix between a quite simplified golf simulator, an action game and has golf cart racing elements thrown in for good measure. The game features lots of extras as well, such as 4 full episodes of the show (one of which is unaired), artwork and movie clips.

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ReleasedNov 05, 2007

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Adult Swim's odd animated series starring anthropomorphic foodstuff receives its first video game adaptation with Zombie Ninja Pro-Am. Master Shake, angered that Frylock has been accepted into the "exclusive" Jersey Pines public golf course, sets out to prove his club-swinging skills with Meatwad as his caddy. Things take a turn for the worse when Carl, MC Pee Pants, the Mooninites, and other enemies invade the fairways. In between playing golf, players must pummel foes trying to impede their progress. Also featured in this unusual game are competitive golf cart races and an assortment of unlockable extras. By collecting items on the nine-hole course, players can view videos of the animated series and other surprises.

  • Test your golfing and combat skills on a nine-hole course

  • Use clubs and other weapons to battle familiar enemies from the show

  • Collect items to unlock various bonuses, including videos

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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