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The breathtaking realism is the ultimate goal! The warriors of the ring will capture your imagination and come to life. Square has entered the arena of professional wrestling, and it will shock you and bring you into the action!

- TheGamesDB

ReleasedJun 08, 2000
DeveloperSquare PDD 5

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SquareSoft's second PlayStation 2 game and its first internally-developed grappling title, All-Star Professional Wrestling is a serious attempt at simulating the sport of Japanese wrestling. Though it doesn't possess the license of a major wrestling federation, it does have a grappling system with three different levels of complexity, the option to chain maneuvers for linkable combos, and a unique tension gauge that helps dictate the flow of the match. Dynamic crowd reactions and the ability to draw your opponent's blood adds a further dose of realism, as does the lineup of almost 30 real life personalities like The Great Muta, Don Frye, and Antonio Inoki. Available only in Japan.