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In this tactical football management game, you become the manager of a team in the English, French or Belgian league, with different subdivisions, starting in 2001. Your job includes setting out strategies, planning training sessions, keeping an eye on your players and attracting new talent, taking care of finances, and of course making sure that you win your matches. You will be given specific goals, such as qualifying for the champion's league, or defending the club's reputation. Games do not only include league matches, but friendlies and cup matches as well. The actual games can be watched real-time in 3D, allowing for on-the-fly substitutions and tactical decisions, and a unique feature is you can both manage and play for a club, although there is no way to actually control players or actively participate. All players have different abilities and characteristics, which can be trained to create a well-balanced team. The French version portrays manager Guy Roux (famous of Auxerre), while the UK version has Alex Ferguson (Manchester United).

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ReleasedSep 03, 2001

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Sir Alex has worked closely with
the development team to make
Alex Ferguson's Player Manager
2001 the most realistic and
in-depth football managementr
game ever!
• The first football management
game on PlayStation 2
• 10,000 players and over
850 teams
• Fully updated clubs, players and kits for
season 2001-2002
• Unparalleled depth and analysis
• 3 different ways to watch your game: full le gth,
quick watch and tactical scanner
• Design your own training programs and enter into ferocious
player negotiations
I Player • Memory Card (8MB) (for PlayStation@2): 2564KB minimum
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U, 1 Liverpool 45
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21-23 Mossop Street,
London, SW3 2LY, UK
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