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AirBlade takes place in the near future as a man named Oscar has developed a perpetual energy source that will revolutionize the world, however, the GCP Corporation has discovered it as well and fears that it will hurt the company which is heavily invested in the oil companies. Desperate, they kidnap Oscar in an attempt to silence him, but before he is captured, he gives his friend Ethan a prototype hoverboard called the AirBlade.

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ReleasedJan 28, 2002

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Airblade 2002 PS2 Framed 11x14 ORIGINAL Advertisement $50.98 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Airblade Namco PlayStation 2, 2002 PS2 CIB Complete Good Condition Tested Good $32.83 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Airblade (Sony PlayStation2 PS2) Complete With Manuel Good $19 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
AirBlade (Sony PlayStation 2, 2002) ps2 CIB Very Good $18 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
AirBlade (Sony PlayStation 2, 2002 PS2)-No Manual Acceptable $17.97 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Tony Hawk's Underground, Airblade & Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 PS2 *Discs Only* Good $17.95 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Airblade Air Blade Skateboarding Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 Black Label Complete! Good $16.14 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Airblade Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 Black Label Complete - Pre-Owned Good $15 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Ps2 Airblade Game “Complete” CIB tested clean with manual Good $14.95 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
AirBlade (Sony PlayStation 2, 2002) Namco PS2 Complete CIB Good $14.49 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Airblade Air Blade Skateboarding Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 Black Label Complete! Good $14.11 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
TESTED Playstation 2 (PS2) Games, #'s and A-C. Resurfaced & Tested Acceptable $13.98 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
SONY PlayStation 2 PS2 You Pick & Choose Video Game Lot-TESTED-BUY 3 GET 1 FREE Acceptable $13.49 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Airblade (Sony Playstation 2, 2002) PS2 -No Manual Acceptable $13.19 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
AirBlade (Sony PlayStation 2, 2002) Air Blade PS2 Acceptable $13.18 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Airblade Playstation 2 PS2 *FREE SHIPPING* Acceptable $12.99 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Assorted TESTED Playstation 2 (PS2) Games. Resurfaced & Tested Lot #3. You Pick! Acceptable $12.98 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Airblade Playstation 2 PS2 Video Game Disc Only Acceptable $11.99 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
AirBlade Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 Video Game DISC ONLY namco hoverboard tricks Good $11.95 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
AirBlade Sony PlayStation 2 / PS2 Disc & Manual ONLY! Clean & TESTED! Vr Gd Cond Very Good $11.95 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
AirBlade Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 Complete CIB TESTED Good $10 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
PS2 Playstation 2 Airblade ???? ???? ???? Acceptable $10 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
AirBlade (Sony PlayStation 2, 2002) PS2 Complete With Manual Very Good $9.99 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Airblade (PS2 Sony Playstation 2, 2002) Video Game Disc Only Very Good $9.99 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
PS2 Playstation 2 Working Game Lot Airblade + Cool Boarders 2001 Racing Acceptable $9.99 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Lot of 6 PlayStation 2 Games PS2 MX, Corvette, ATV, Airblade, Power Drome, etc Good $9.99 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Replacement PlayStation 2 PS2 Titles #-B Covers and Cases. NO GAMES! Brand New $9.99 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Airblade (Sony PlayStation 2, 2001 PS2 ) Game Disc Only - Includes DVD Case Good $9.98 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
AirBlade for PlayStation 2 PS2 Complete w/ Registration Card Good $9.9 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
AirBlade (Sony PlayStation 2, 2002) PS2 skateboard game Like New $9.74 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Airblade PS2 Disk Only Acceptable $9.7 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
AirBlade (Sony PlayStation 2 PS2, 2002) Good $9.55 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
2001 Video Game Print Ad - AIRBLADE - PS2 NAMCO $9.19 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
AirBlade (Sony PlayStation 2, 2002) Namco PS2 POLISHED DISC FREE SHIPPING Good $9 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
AirBlade (Sony PlayStation 2, 2002) PS2 Disc only Good $8.99 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
A - C Cheap Games (Playstation 2) PS2 Disc Only TESTED Very Good $8.72 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Airblade (Sony Playstation 2, 2002) PS2 -No Manual - RARE - TESTED & WORKS Good $7.99 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
PS2 Playstation 2 Disc only VIDEO GAMES buy more to save! Same or next Day Ship! Acceptable $7.64 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Airblade PS2 Sony PlayStation 2 Disc Only Good $6.99 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Playstation 2 PS2 Manuals Instruction Booklet "NO GAME" MANUAL ONLY FREE SHIP Very Good $6.99 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Airblade PS2 disc only guaranteed! Good $6.87 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
AirBlade [Air Blade] (PlayStation 2, 2001) PS2 Game Disc Only Good Condition Good $6.49 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Airblade (PlayStation 2 PS2) - Disc Only - Tested & Working Like New $6.46 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
AirBlade Namco Sony PS2 Video Game - Disc ONLY Polished Very Good $5.99 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Airblade PlayStation 2 PS2 Manual Only Very Good $5.78 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 AirBlade With Manual Good $5 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Airblade, PS2 Video Game, PAL, READ ITEM DESCRIPTION Acceptable $4.95 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.
Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 Disc Only TESTED AirBlade Good $3.99 .PS2.' | '.Airblade.

Additional Information

Driven by a storyline of considerable depth, Airblade melds objective-based missions with trick-oriented gameplay. The game tells the story of Oscar, an employee of the GCP Corporation who discovers how to create a perpetual energy source. The company however, stands to lose a lot of money in the lucrative oil market and Oscar is subsequently abducted. Shortly before his capture, Oscar gives his prototype hoverboard -- the Airblade -- to his friend Ethan, who must now set out to rescue his friend.

The game's story mode requires the player to complete various objectives such as destroying security cameras or subduing guards. An arrow leads you to the next objective, though traversing the many miles of in-game terrain requires deft control of the hoverboard, as Ethan leaps across rooftops and glides over obstacles. Levels are timed and all objectives must be completed within the time limit or else the entire stage will need to be replayed. Cut-scenes are used to move the story along. A Score Attack and Freestyle mode are available in addition to others which are unlocked by completing the main game.

Multiple players can compete in a variety of disciplines, one of which is the Ribbon Tag mode. Players must find a ribbon hidden within the stage, and once found it gradually lengthens. Players must steal it from each other and the person with the most steals is deemed victorious. A show-off mode rates players in a number of categories as they attempt to perform as many combos and grinds as possible. Whoever comes out on top in the majority of categories is declared the winner. An eight-player elimination mode also exists in which players are given turns to accumulate as many points as possible in the allotted time limit. After each round the person with the lowest score is eliminated until only one player remains.

  • Play alone or challenge friends to five different multiplayer game modes

  • Explore each landscape to find hidden areas, bonus missions, and additional characters

  • Glide your way through several urban environments by swinging around flagpoles, grinding ledges, and flying over traffic

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

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    DVD bonus feat res include
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    and a charactei art gallery
    Mild Language
    Mild Violence
    Visit or call
    1-800-771-3772 for rating information.
    Render" are
    Namco Hometek Inc., 2055 Junction Avenue. San Jose. CA 95131
    Developed by Criterion Games and published in North America by Namco Hometek Inc. under license trom
    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe C) 2001 SCEE.
    Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
    Licensed for play on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment systems with the NTSC U/C designation only.
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