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In Age of Empires II : Age of Kings, the player takes control of one of thirteen civilizations, including the Chinese, Goths, Britons, and Vikings, among others. The player starts with a handful of villagers, through expansion and careful handling of the economy, the player can advance up to the point where powerful war machines and well trained masses of troops will be the player's to make and control. There are three distinct ways to play, one of which the object is to hunt and kill the other player(s) king, however there are a lot of options for each, anywhere from what type of map to start on (including coastal, gold rush, arabia, and rivers) to what the maximum amount of units are allowed.

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ReleasedNov 02, 2001
DeveloperEnsemble Studios

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The Windows PC hit comes to the PlayStation 2 with Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. Begin your crusade as the king of 13 powerful civilizations, including the Vikings, the Celts, and the Japanese, and lead your people over the course of a thousand years in search of total world dominance. The survival and prosperity of your civilization is dependant on your skill and tactical expertise. Crucial decisions must be made with the allocation of resources, technological planning, and military development. As an added bonus for console users, the interface has been optimized for the PlayStation 2 Dual Shock controller and up to four people can participate in the multiplayer mode.

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